1 December 2013

REF. Radio session

One that nearly got away, which is well worth hearing.  A recording of a radio broadcast which I can't stop playing since I rediscovered the cassette twenty years after being sent it by the good Mr Greenaway.  Thanks to him.

PAT THOMAS,  keyboards, electronics
ROGER TURNER,  percussion

1. Intro. 0:30
2. Impro 1 15:06
3. Impro 2 19:08

BBC Radio session. 1994(?)

Don't forget the two John Russell / Roger Turner cds on Emanem : Birthdays and The Second Sky.

(Thanks to Rhodri Davies for correcting my initial misspelling of the harpist's name)


Andy said...


Rezo the Mist said...

Very picturesque picture!

Andy said...

No one likey plinky plonky?

JC said...

Thanks. I like harp. 'Tis used differently than usual here.

matt w said...

I like the plinky plonky!

It really is mysterious; there seems to be no record of this performance, group, or harpist online.

rhodri said...

it is maria stange on harp

Nick said...

Thanks Rhodri, it's weird how a single consonant can mess up an internet search.

Here is Maria's site and here's Rhodri's

Andy said...

Thanks Rhodri. That's cleared things up a bit. Hope you enjoyed it.

matt said...

nice one Andy. I love the Turner/Russell duo.