17 October 2013


A1. Xtrmpnieee
A2. N.Y. Situation I
B1. Isle In The Ocean
B2. N.Y. Situation II

Heinz Wollny, bass
A.R. Penck, drums
Frank Wollny, guitar
Frank Lowe, saxophone
Billy Bang Walker, violin

Produced 29 May 1984 at N.Y. Dimensional Sound Studio

Music Corporation, no number

Vinyl Rip


Anonymous said...

it seems like those TTT's improvisations come out of nowhere and to nowhere they go, but i like 'em,
thanks much, Nick!


martin said...

@ Igor - exactly! Thank you Nick.
If anyone is interested, here is a link to some A. R. Penck paintings and some great drumming.

sotise said...

great line up with Bang and Lowe thank you!!

Anonymous said...

i'll expand my thought a little, telling that, i've been associated their improvisations with some whistling ghost trains suddenly appearing in front of you and vanishing the same way, running from somewhere to somewhere you don't know, they are just running with no logical explanation to that and beyond your understanding, so you can just freeze and enjoy those appearences)))


David said...

Could you please repost this? Thank you!

kinabalu said...

I don't think I downloaded this one at the time, but I've just reuploaded the "Be cool in Munich" which has pretty much the same line-up as this one and moreover, is a four-album bonanza, no less.

With this, I have uploaded whatever I have of TTT-related releases posted here over the years. Please be aware that the Frank Wright - live in Ulm (just reuploaded) and the Running with cowboys - albums are TTT-records sort of. Both of them have the core team of Penck and the Wollny fellows.

Nick said...



David said...

Thank you very much Nick!

kinabalu said...


francisco santos said...

totally with kinabalu...

correct silence said...

I think Igor gives the exact definition of Penck's music in his first comment. The more I enter in the various posts of TTT the more I'm interested by the fact that he create a sort of esthetic on his own and this recording is probably one of the most typical, even Lowe and Bang doesn't play like they normally do on others records; intriguing and interesting.