28 August 2013


A1. Voice Improvisation
A2. Voice Improvisation
A3. Drum Improvisation
A4. Drum Improvisation

B1. Voice Improvisation With Gong
B2. Drums Improvisation
B3. Drums Improvisation

Toshi Tsuchitori, drums, voice

Recorded live in Paris on June 25th, 1978.

D.Y.M. Records ‎– DYM 001

Vinyl Rip

D.Y.M. was a brief offshoot of the Bellows label, on which Toshi played percussion with Billy Bang on Changing Seasons. Although solo drums don't always sound inviting, the percussion / vocal drones in this series are very engaging.


Anonymous said...

amazing to see / get to hear these three LPs - does anyone have the series of CDs he did later on - one where he plays clay pots, one bells, one stones - all reflecting the natural beauty of Japan - been on the hunt for them for a long time - only ever seen them at around $50 a CD and then only found one

Nick said...

You might be able to get those on cdjapan, where they're listed at $24. If they are actually OOP, I have the LPs and there are some other OOP CDs still to come.

jdogg said...

Please re-up. The links are dead. Thanks in advance.

Alex Ryzh said...

re-up please

yrrechnod said...

On this blog you have five great Toshi Tsuchitori, three in solo and two with other musicians: Mototeru Takagi and Fred Frith, unfortunately all the links are gone. This percussionist is absolutely great. Could you rep all of them?
Any chance to have them on cd one day, Mr Tsuchitori is on others projects now.

Nick said...




onxidlib said...

Thank you Nick.
This time I shall receive your offer.

Nod y said...

Yeah Nick

thanks a lot, can't wait to discover those solo, those were the ones I was searching for.

francisco santos said...

it's 3 in 1 (albums i mean)...great!...