27 August 2013

Dwight Andrews - Mmotia. The Little People (Otic 1979)

Ther was a request for this not long ago. Now it looks totally oop.

Probably a name not well known,  All Music Guide says  'Andrews is a multi-instrumentalist and composer best known for his work with pianist Anthony Davis, saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell and other members of the Chicago and New York avant-garde schools (Geri Allen, Andy Bey, Hamiett Bluiett).'

Dwight Andrews - Soprano & Alto Saxophones. Bass & Contra Bass Clarinet, Alto Flute, Indian Wood Flutes, Percussion;
Nat Adderley - Piano;
Nana Vasconcelos - Percussion, Flex-Tone, Corpo, Voice, Bottles, Beads, Atumpan

A1. Um Girrasol
A2. Nao e'?
A3. Moers 1978
B1. Danca Das Kashala e Sarhanna
B2. Mmotia-The Little People
B3. Vamos Para Casa

recorded january 11 and 12, 1979 at Blue Rock studios, New York
Otic records 1979


corvimax said...

flac and pics


EdEddEddie said...

Thanks for the gem, homie!!!

agmosk said...

That is a very interesting trio! Thanks , corvimax.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this album
missing track 3 on B side [B3.Vamos Para Casa For Mingus, Estelle And William Grant Still]
it's any chance to reuplaud

corvimax said...

Guglielmo,track B3 "Vamos Para Casa For Mingus" is there, it just goes togheter with the previous.
I dont digitalise myself, I have not the equipment; a freind do it for me and this is as it came. I forgot to split it, maybe needs also a slight declick, but this is up to you. I hope you enjoy it anyway

Anonymous said...

I did not download this, but was intrigued to see Nat Adderley Jr on piano, son of the famed trumpeter!


Anonymous said...

Great! The link is still working, I was not sure of it. The album seems to be very interesting. After a first listen it is more than interesting, it is really a great one, a sort of mix between world influences and a.a..m thanks thanks thanks And for those who want to listen more about Andrews you can check Wadada Leo Smith's Divine Love album, very different than this lp.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thanks Corvimax - finally I found time to dl AND listen to it.
Simply a very enjoyable album. Merci...