20 July 2013


Zeitkratzer is easily my favourite contemporary Ensemble. Moving between fully composed and less so musics.
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Ulrich Krieger, saxes
Franz Hautzinger, trumpet
Melvyn Poore, tuba
Burkhard Schlothauer, violin
Michael Moser, cello
Alexander Frangenheim, bass
Reinhold Friedl, piano
Luca Venitucci, accordion
Raymond Kaczynski, percussion
Markus Weibel, sound

Part I:

1. Terre Thaemlitz "Sloppy 42nd (I)"  6:40
2. Carsten Nicolai "Fatal Attractions" 7:47
3. Philip Glass "1+1" 9:49
4. Nicolas Collins "Broken Chair" 12:55
5. James Tenney "Casting" 20:16
6. Christopher Kondek "Untitled a" 7:11
7. Christopher Kondek "Untitled b" 7:44
8. Terre Thaemlitz "Sloppy 42nd (II)" 6:49

Part II:

1. La Monte Young "Poem For Chairs, Tables, Benches etc." 57:14
2. Zbigniew Karkowski "Monochromy" 14:54
3. Merzbow "Permanent Dialogues" 5:45

Recorded in Stuttgart, Germany between February 22-24, 2002 during the Festival "Concepts Of Doing" - Interaktion Tanz Musik, 8. Festival für Improvisation Stuttgart.
Part I - tracks 1-4 on February 22; track 5 on February 23; tracks 6-8 on February 24.
Part II - tracks 1+2 on February 23; track 3 on February 24.



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wightdj said...

Looks interesting, thanks.

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Thank you!

chris_c said...

thank you! looks great - promises a wide range of their musical concerns. gamefront is pretty quick, can dl both parts at same time too, always an advantage when files are quite big. cheers for the fantastic work!

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Hello,i have quite a few Zeitkratzer CDs,but overlooked this one,could you provide new links please?

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Bodhi Amol said...

Hello,it looks like it took me more then 7 Months to come back here and discover that you followed my request-Thank you very much! I was looking for stuff by Ulrich Krieger,that's how i got here again,having completely forgotten about my request,because i was away in the summer for more then 2 Months!