21 July 2013


Paul Dunmall and Tony Bianco have recently released two cds of duets dedicated to their love and respect of the music of John Coltrane:  Thank you to John Coltrane and Tribute to Coltrane (Slam).  Last week they took it to London's Cafe Oto in the midst of a heatwave.  Tony Bianco was sweat-soaked from simply setting up his kit.  This man's strength and energy is superhuman.  Paul Dunmall, loving Trane's music so much, raised the temperature even higher with his inspired and impassioned saxophonics.

Big thanks to Gus for his minidisc recording.  Hot stuff indeed.

PAUL DUNMALL, tenor sax, saxello

1. Ogunde/Ascent  11:24
2. Naima 5:44
3. The drum thing  7:59
4. Sunship  9:34
5. Giant steps  7:17
6. Announcement  0:24
7. Expression  13:57
8. Alabama  7:21
9. My favourite things  8:33

Cafe Oto, London.  16th July 2013


Andy said...




bventure said...

Thanks for the seemingly endless supply of superb music you continue to share with us.

Vitko said...

Uh, this has not yet arrived to cool, how quickly came up here. Thanks Andy.

Andy said...

Hi bventure. Your comment is appreciated. Do you live in Shropshire? It would be interesting to know where our Sol brothers live. Anybody else, say where you are from. I live near Warwick, UK.

BT said...

As others have said, the music you share is exceptional and the efforts you make are deeply appreciated. Thank-you.

Tim Niland said...

Thanks a lot for this. Their first album was my #1 for 2012 and I am looking forward to hearing their new studio recording.

softnucleus said...

I agree with bventure! Thank you Andy.
You know where I live :-)

Alan Burns said...

This is a phenomenal show, can't stop listening to it. Crystal clear recording too. Dunmall's stage banter is a delight as well, hearing such blokeishly-British wit coming out of the same mouth that's blowing all these 'Trane-esque sheets of sound. Thank you so much to the taper & uploader. Must listen to the albums these guys recorded together.

Alan, Edinburgh

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Hookfinger said...

This is really cool. Thanks a lot.

JC said...

Thanks again... Something very new that reflects the past.

Near DC (Airstrip Two)

bounb said...

Thanks, I missed this show. Always appreciate some OTO bootlegs, keep them coming

David said...

can this be reupped please? thanks!