8 July 2013

Michael Smith-The dualities of Man-1977

Michael Smith's 1977 ,Solo for Horo, the Odyssey continues!...
Rather better than Totality on Red... this is an all Original program.
click on the Back Cover to view session details!

PS...  lots of wow and Flutter, as well as a pressing fault on this one , so expect a bit of noise , i cant fix those problems without reducing the Quality of the music, or flattening out the frequency spectrum and bleaching out the sound.


SOTISE said...

Flac Pics

wightdj said...

Owned this long ago, nice to revisit. Thanks.

Nick said...

Thanks for this and other Michael Smith LPs

Anonymous said...

beautiful! thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Hi A repost could be possible? It looks so great
thank in advance

Anonymous said...

Would a reup be possible/ Thanks - René