9 July 2013


A1. Sleeping Beauty
A2. Segue To My Heart
A3. Adios Half Cowboy
A4. Up In The Paint Cards
A5. Ça N'Est Pas Mon Chat; Je Suis Son Homme
A6. Thru And Thru
A7. Cat's Whiskers
A8. Calamity Joan

B1. Emus In The Zone
B2. Nopan Kissa
B3. A Horse With No Hooves
B4. Hank's Pantry
B5. The Old Coffity Pot
B6. The Burning Rosebush
B7. Yes Sir

David Toop, alto flute, electric guitar, steel guitar, drum machine, Casio Mt-68
Peter Cusack, acoustic guitar, bowed guitar, bottleneck guitar, prepared guitar, gatecrasher guitar, bouzouki,  effects, tape
Terry Day, percussion, piano, water bottle, alto saxophone, trumpet, prepared guitar, bamboo reed, vocals, effects
Steve Beresford, organ, bass guitar, turntables, whistle, tape, melodica, Casio Mt-68, flugelhorn, trumpet, drum tape, violin, vocals, crackle guitar, farfisa, univox

Recorded at the chapel of Villedieu, 3-4 September 1984.

Nato ‎– nato 280

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...



Cheers, Lucky!

Anonymous said...

there is some ambient-hiphop crap in this one, but it has very nice and pleasant moments, which make this one worth to dig!
thanks much, Nick!


Lucky said...

a big hug, nick, how very sweet of you - and i take it all, crap inclusive! :)

and in case somebody has missed it: the "alterations live" cd is still in print, get it directly from intuitive records, denmark:

cheers :))))))))

Lucky said...

p.s.: since this is a release by the french label "nato", i want to tell you that the link in your sidebar to the homepage of that label is wrong - it's:


apf said...

Thank you!

SOTISE said...

Thanks Nick ... and thanks to Lucky for the Correction!

James Manion said...

Thank you Nick

Wallofsound said...

I always find Toop and Beresford interesting together. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

for what it's worth, in spite of the eclecticism, and because of it, one of the most surefooted and incisive releases in the IS "canon" to these ears — thanks from the chronovalve of my heart! msj

Anonymous said...

1984 and it has "ambient hip hop crap" ha ha ha ha ha

people are funny

francisco santos said...

re post, please...

francisco santos said...

ask again, re post please...