27 June 2013

X-Communication,Willisau,September 03,1988,FM

A stunning concert by the lineup, which recorded one of my very favourite  FMP albums.
this was performed/.recorded  2 years earlier.

Butch Morris X-Communication
Willisau (Switzerland)
Jazzfestival - Festivalhalle
1988.09.03 – September 03, 1988

Butch Morris cornet
 J.A. Deane tb
Hans Koch ts, ss, bcl, 
Jason Hwang violin
Martn Schütz cello
 Hans Reichel g, 
Paul Lovens dr
Shelley Hirsch voc

1) 13:10
2) 10:10
3) 11:33
4) 01:56
Source/Lineage/Quality: FM – Copy from master – TDK SA90 – Denon CDR 1000 –
HD – Mastering Magix XXL 2008  - flac- dime – A-


SOTISE said...
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Anonymous said...

incredible and inimitable!
thanks a lot!


Wallofsound said...

Really looking forward to this. Thanks.

Arcturus said...

thanks, s!

kinabalu said...



kinabalu said...

I listened to it for the first time while doing the reposting. Really some marvellous pieces, especially Shelley Hirsch's vocal acrobatics!

James Manion said...

Thank you Kinabalu, I'm curious if this is different from their FMP release I have on cd.

kinabalu said...

@JM: I had a listen to the FMP release and it's obviously different in the sense that it was recorded at a different location, but otherwise similar in substance/content.

Joel Rizzo said...

Hi, I had a bit of trouble finding a working link for this. The first one doesn't work but the Adrive one does. I love Shelley Hirsch so I'm definitely looking forward to this. Thank you very much from Illinois.