27 June 2013


This is a post on behalf of E-mile.

Let us read what he says about this recording and how he came to post it:

Well, I made a mess of things...
also way back in the days when I recorded
this music....
Memory doesn't serve me well, but it seems I rented
the CD version of the Jean-Louis Mechali album...
Not the vinyl.
A TDK cassette 90 minutes is 45 minutes A+B each.
I would program the CD-player in order to get as close
to those minutes as I could.
In other words: I didn't tape the whole darn thing!
If you want to hear all of this, spend at least 18 euro's
and try to obtain this CD:

This is the original CD version's tracks:

1.5:30 ricochets
2.8:16 lembranca
3.4:19 dream-ambulation dans la ville blanche
4.4:31 halogene
5.4:28 villa les mimosas
6.8:50 la grive ... envine
7.4:59 la criee
8.2:43 big bang
9.5:37 ballade a contre-jour
10.2:48 tamaris marine
11.3:27 la galerie aux portraits
12.4:46 night light + halflight
13.2:34 the underdog
14.3:47 derive de chaleur
15.3:42 le fil du temps

info from:

This is what is on the LP version (without the 2nd set):

A1 Halogène 4:28
A2 Ballade À Contre Jour 5:33
A3 Villa Les Mimosas 4:25
A4 Big Bang 2:41
A5 The Underdog 2:32
B1 "La Grive"... Enfin 8:47
B2 Tamaris Marine 2:44
B3 Night, Light, And Half Light 4:42
B4 Dérive De Chaleur 3:43

info from discogs:

And this is what I got on tape:

1-Underdog 2.34
2-Tamaris Marine 2.48
3-Night Light and Halflight 4.46
4-Derive De Chaleur 3.47
5-Ballade a Contre-Jour 5.37
6-Villa des Mimosas 4.28
7-Halogene 4.31
8-La Grive + Enfin 8.47
9-Lembranca 8.16
10-Ricochets 5.30

Alto Saxophone – Philippe Sellam
Drums, Marimba, Vibraphone, Percussion – Jean-Louis Mechali
Double Bass – Jean-Jacques Avenel
Piano – Jacques Labarrière

Recorded at Studio Adam, Feb 1987.

hope you enjoy the music,
it's in decent 320 mp3,
alas no FLAC for ancient TDK cassettes [:-)

(Update - new rip courtesy mew23 in comments)


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Thanks onxidlib, quirky in a good way.

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totally new for me, thanks much!


E-mile said...

James, thank you for the Quirky classification, when I heard this back after so many years, quirky is indeed a good way to describe this music [:-) Our good friend Mew23 posted (in response) a post over at ROAL with the - impossible to find- 2CD set of Jean-Louis Mechali's 1993 Cine-Club cd (just as quirky, trust me) and I will ask him if it's OK to share it her at The Sol....
so stay tuned.
peace, E-mile

E-mile said...

thanks Onxidlib for sharing it here!

mew23 said...

Here's a rip of the CD "Tie-Break + 2e Set" (1988), with scans. For the CD edition a second set of six pieces was added to the original LP content.

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Hi Mew - that's great - thank you for the upgrade plus!

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Thanks a lot Mew23 for completing the album!

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