21 April 2013


This one's for Sotise - don' know wether this my rip or the one Nick has sent me some month ago.
I still have both on my pc....however: thank you Nick ;)


Tony Oxley, percussion, violin, electronics
Barry Guy, double bass (bass guitar on Chant)
Phil Wachsmann, violin
David Bourne, violin
Ian Brighton, electric guitar

1. Quartet 1              07:44
2. Sounds of the soil 2   07:24
3. Brushes                04:13
4. Chant-Quartet 2        06:51
5. Trio 2                 05:18
6. Combination            07:08
7. On the edge [to E.P.]  02:59

Tracks 1 and 4 feature Guy/Wachsmann/Bourne/Oxley;
tracks 2 and 5 feature Brighton/Wachsmann/Oxley;
other tracks Tony Oxley: percussion and electronics.

Recorded at Hampden Gurney Studios, London, February 1977.

INCUS 18 (lp rip)



onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks very much

matt w said...

Wow, thank you. A lot of amazing-looking stuff has gone up over the last few days!

Anonymous said...

It's on Incus... what else is there to say? except thanks very much!

SOTISE said...

thank's so much, i appreciate the gesture.

reservatory said...

An elusive one. THANKS for digging it up!

apf said...

Thank you!

miloo2 said...

Thank you!

onxidlib said...


Tozo the Oxfan said...

This was a great grouping-I'd gladly spring for a box-set of this-era Ox!

onxidlib said...

Yeah, a box-set would be very welcomed.
I know that Tony Oxley has a wealth of unreleased recordings from this era.
Unfortunately I'm not rich enough to buy mastertapes from him.
Once I asked him and he was open for such an endeavour....

DW said...

onxidlib, thanks!

MJG said...

Thank you, really pleased to still id the link live

brian said...

great... the link is still working!