21 April 2013

David Murray-Quintet Unkown Venue NYC,13-Oct 1976,AUD

Here's a great gig , of David Murray  with Bluiett's Quartet, or Visa Versa, the lineup is similar to Endangered Species, with Dara and Wilson again in fine form , yeah an excitingly exploratory show!
thanks to the Dime sharer JackMw for this one!
Exceptional music , despite the tape being Rough around the Edges!
if others want to help out with mirrors please do! i'll try not to use Mega in future.

David Murray Quintet
Unknown venue
New York, NY
October 13, 1976

David Murray ts
Hamiett Bluiett bs
Olu Dara crnt
Fred Hopkins b
Philip Wilson d

Source: Stereo audience tape > ? > CD > EAC v. 1.0 beta 2 (extraction and FLAC encoding) > FLAC compression level 8

Disc one
d1t01 [0:22:35.56]
d1t02 [0:26:29.27]
d1t03 [0:10:52.27]
Total time: 0:59:57.35

Disc two
d2t01 [0:23:23.06]
d2t02 [0:08:01.70]
Total time: 0:31:25.01


SOTISE said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this, Sotise.
I still remember his trio concert somewhere in the 70-ies in Willisau, together with Andrew Cyrille on drums (bass = ?). It was great, especially also Andrew with his extremely sensitive playing.

Sergio said...

Fantastic! Thanks a lot!

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Thank you for sharing this.

Wallofsound said...

Many thanks for this, sotise. No idea what the venue is, and this is a few months later than the Bluiett concert at Ladies Fort. Murray did play with Wilson ten days after the drummer had played with Bluiett, all in New York, so I'd guess we are looking for a venue in that city. I'd really like to know where this comes from. @gg are you thinking about 1978 with Johnny Mbizo Dyani on bass? There was a hat Art CD (6020:3D Family) recording of that concert. It's available from specialist retailers

sasha said...

Can someone help out with a link to this post other than mega.co?? Would be most aprreciated..What a band!! P Wilson and F Hopkins make for a great rhythm section..I'd like to hear this gig..Thanks for the post Sotise.

softnucleus said...

Many thanks for these great posts, Sotise, but I can't download them. After downloading is 100% nothing happens and I can't save the file. Why Mega?

kinabalu said...

Cute glitchy pic there (and no discernable resemblance to Mr. Murray) ...

SOTISE said...

K, yeah nice mmm, just a straight pic of digital tv breaking up, the vonly worthwhile reason to watch tv really!

lev said...

Sorry, some "traditional" request: could anybody help with a mirror, please?
Thank you so much!

kinabalu said...

Yeah, glitch tv really adds a new dimension to viewing.

SOTISE said...

K,Yeah the images are of the two indistinguishable parties in a pre-electoral debate.

Can one of the hundreds of Downloaders of this show provide a mirror for Lev,surely someone who has enjoyed this is willing to share??

kinabalu said...

I must admit that I kinda like glitch tv. Our cable operator can't quite handle some HD channels, so it comes off glitchy both in video and sound. The kid has started recording glitch tv on the cell phone. A laugh a second is assured!

kinabalu said...

I can take care of the mirror, if need be, but I would like someone else to step up for a change. Why do we have to do all the dirty work around here?

Anonymous said...

I actually have never had any problem at all with Mega. (I'm in Germany--I don't know if that has a bearing.) And it's nice being able to start a new download as soon as the previous one has finished.


Anonymous said...

Mega just isn't working for me. If you're on a Mac that is not an Intel machine, there is no flash player that satisfies Mega's requirements, and without it, no dice. I just don't have the $$$ to buy a new computer, but I'd be very happy to listen to the music...

Anonymous said...

great stuff, thanks much!

alternate links:
pt1 http://www.mediafire.com/?893axwlrji5djvj
pt2 http://www.mediafire.com/?6las9w5svvrwlq7
pt3 http://www.mediafire.com/?40cq9bzk7w2uj2e


softnucleus said...

Many thanks Igor, alternate links much appreciated!

-Otto- said...

Thanks, SOTISE, for this post, and thanks to Igor as well for the alternate links that work for me.

lev said...

Thank you so much for a mirror, Igor

Solomon said...

Thank you.