27 April 2013


The A side consisted of two versions of "The Way" plus two improvisations, with Richard Teitelbaum on electronics. This is not posted here, because it was included on the Emanem CD 5022, "The Sun".

The B side is a rare recording with Michel Waisvisz on electronics. The others are "Saxophone Special", still available on Emanem CD 4024 and "Lumps" which was included in the ICP box.

B. The Way / Pearl Street / The Duck 20:55

Han Bennink, drums
Michel Waisvisz, electronics
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone

Cover paintings by Judith Lindbloom

Recorded 11 April 1974, during the Berlin Workshop Freie Musik at the Academie der Kuenste, Berlin.

Roaratorio ‎– ROAR 01, 2000.

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...



SOTISE said...

splendid, thanks Nick!!

Jack said...

Many thanks for sharing this rarity !

Bruce the Moose said...

First, a general thank you for everything previous.

But... I tried both the RS and ZS downloads. The FLAC file won't decode for me. Other recent FLAC's from you work fine,

kinabalu said...

No problem with the flac file on my part, downloading from RS and using Winzip 15.5 Pro for unpacking.

Thanks for another addition to the Steve Lacy Appreciation Society! Is there another blog with more Lacy postings? I would think not.

chris_c said...

thx! no problems downloading. can't wait to give this a listen. thx again for brightening my day.

Anonymous said...

Completely sold out OOP - any chance of a re-up of flac ?