27 April 2013

DON CHERRY - Eternal Now (Sonet 1974)

For Newk. From The Sonet Recordings double CD, I kept only "Eternal Now", as "Live Ankara" is pretty useless due to poor recording quality. One of Don's numerous world jazz classics, "Eternal Now" was also reissued under the title "Tibet", and is possibly obtainable on vinyl from Jazzloft or Downtown Music Gallery.

DON CHERRY - Eternal Now (Sonet 1974)

All composions by Don Cherry except as indicated

1. "Gamla Stan - The Old Town by Night" - 8:27
2. "Love Train" - 7:50
3. "Bass Figure for Ballatune (Two pianos and three piano players)" (Bothén) - 3:44
4. "Moving Pictures for the Ear" (Bothén, Cherry) - 9:40
5. "Tibet" - 7:59

Don Cherry - trumpet, piano, harmonium, vocals, h'suan, daster, gong
Bengt Berger - piano, Tibetan bells, African finger piano, mridangam, cymbal
Christer Bothén - piano (2, 3), dousso n'koni (4), Tibetan bell (5)
Bernt Rosengren - tarogató (2)
Agneta Ehrnström - Tibetan bell (2), dousso kynia (4)

Recorded at Studio Decibel in Stockholm, Sweden on April 30 (2-4) and May 1 (1 & 5), 1973.

from CD Verve 533 049-2 (The Sonet Recordings 2CD, OOP)


miloo2 said...



zippyshare 1
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Anonymous said...

Excellent music, but the credits to Brown Rice are all wrong-

Frank Lowe is on tracks 1 & 3 (many issues list him as playing on track 4, but there's no audible sax--it's all electric trumpet)
Ricky Cherry is only on tracks 1 & 4 (no electric piano on 3--maybe he plays this, it could also be Don)
Haden plays on 1, 2, & 4, Jamil on 3
Moki is on 2

JD said...

Thank you!

onxidlib said...

Sorry to spoil the fun but "Brown Rice" is readily available.

miloo2 said...

You are right onxidlib, thanks for alert. I was not going deeply enough in my google search. I will remove explicit part of main post and will hope that nobody will be complaining about larger archive.

Luis Mª de la Maza said...

Thanks a lot. I will enjoy it without any doubt

Newk said...

Thanks so much for coming through with this one! It helped make the weekend a beautiful one. So much good music popping up on this site lately, at a time when I'm trying my best to enjoy what I already have! Thanks again miloo2!

bruce kaplan said...

This is similar in spirit to "Relativity Suite," which was recorded at about the same time with a larger group as a Jazz Composers Orchestra project. There was much more fanfare to the JCO project, but I've actually gotten at least as much pleasure from "Eternal Now". This was available a bit later in the US, on the Antilles label, I believe.

Bruce the Moose said...

The ulozto download works fine, but I had problems with the ZS's (which I tried first). The compressed files are apparently 7z files (and I use 7zip) but they have odd file extensions. The three compressed files are:


They won't unpack for me. I even tried editing the file names such as taking the .zip off the end of that third one. Didn't help.

It's a bit of a trick using the ulozto source since I don't understand the language, but it did get me the wonderful music.


miloo2 said...

It is a kind of quiz with splitted files, created by zippyshare upload manager. I was successful this way: opened last part which has zip extension. It showed 7-zip file inside. Then again I opened this 7-zip (might take a little time) and it showed folder inside. Finally I dragged this (album) folder into destination folder, where I wish to find result. I got windows 7.

Otherwise for those unfamiliar with ulozto, there is language switch at right topmost bar.

Thanks for all feedback.

kinabalu said...

To chip in: It worked fine with Ulozto, so no reason to go for the ZS files which have a 200 mb maximum volume limit, hence the need to split it into three. The full archive file ran to over 400 mb, so therefore.

By the way, Gamla Stan is very scenic part of Stockholm which you can cross through if you're heading from the city centre towards Södern (South). Recommended!