25 April 2013


This is the only other LP that I know of on the Lunatic Records label, but since the first two are so good, I'd be glad to hear that there were more.

One for Sotise, with many, many thanks.

A1. Monk's Dream
A2. Misterioso
A3. The Crust
A4. Coastline

B1. Morning Joy
B2. Blues For Aida
B3. The Kiss

Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone

Recorded live at Higasi Kumin Bunka Center on 24 May 1986 at a concert organized by Hiroshima Real Jazz Crowd.

Great cover painting by Yukio Imamura and great photo of Steve Lacy by Masaru Yokochi

Lunatic Records - Lunatic 002

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...



Anonymous said...

Thank you - this is fantastic!

SOTISE said...

Thank you so much , this record is beyond affordable by most mere economically challenged mortals.

very much appreciated, as would be (if anyone reading is holding),a few of lacy's other rarer treasures, Lumps for example or the very first Roratorio record... who's name escapes me just at the moment.

martin said...

A sackful of 'thank you's for something I had never expected to even see let alone hear.
Re Lumps, I downloaded a FLAC version from Lucky Psychic Hut - but I thought it was now part of the ICP box set?

lee said...

Thanks for sharing this one! I can't wait to hear it.

john said...

very many thanks as always for more Steve Lacy, lovely music.

roberto t. said...

Let me join the thankful. More than wonderful!

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, Nick!

Vinylust said...

Amazing. Thanks yet again Nick.

Dr. Puck said...

Wow. Thanks x many.

Nick said...

The Kiss on 1f

DW said...

Nick, again, thanks!! Had an all-Lacy day..

martin said...

New link:
(Again, thank you Nick)

jeff said...

Many thanks Nick. This is truly a beautiful solo Lacy album.I probably saw him live close to 20 times. Had a great conversation with him at a solo show he played in an amazing room at the Chicago Cultural Center in the 90's. He was a very humble, beautiful man. I still miss him tremendously. Amazing artist.
Well better late than never for the comment. Thanks again for this Nick. Love his liner notes on the back cover about Hiroshima, the room and a particularly good reed!!
Re-listening to this album today, it just really struck a chord. Thanks to all at I-Sol.