1 February 2013

MUJICIAN TRIO. Rare Music Club 14 Aug 1992

Well, it's certainly good to be giving these old recordings an airing.  When bassist Paul Rogers moved to France, Mujician played several gigs as a trio at Keith Tippett's Rare Music Club held at the Malaap Club in Bristol.  Here is a particularly fine session with Paul Dunmall playing C-melody and baritone saxophones.
Great spontaneous music with awesomeness and real beauty.

Keith Tippett,  piano
Tony Levin,  drums
Paul Dunmall,  C-melody and baritone saxophones

Track 1.  30:56
Track 2.  40:59

Rare Music Club at the Malaap Club, Bristol.  14 August 1992

Live cassette recording.



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Vitko said...

Thank you Andy. In two days, the two great gifts.

glmlr said...

Thank you Andy. Dare I hope that you might have some unheard solo Tippett in your treasure chest?

bventure said...

Thanks Andy for the endless stream of wonderful music. Mujician are unsurpassed.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, Andy. Looking forward to this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy

Nick said...

Lovely to hear this again, thanks Andy.

Mosa said...

Hì Andy,
As always, every notes that came from Tippett is a pleasure discovery and a treasure...
thank you guy! R.

vilstef said...

Thanks, Andy.

What drew me in on this one was the C melody sax. Most recording I own with that variety of sax are from the 1920s, with the man playing being Frank Trumbauer. A little googling told me the instrument is making a come-back. It was news to me!

David said...

Is a re-up possible please? Thanks!

Andy said...

New link:

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Thanks Andy!

dogon ad said...

Killer session Andy!!!!! Grazie.