2 February 2013


Finally I came up with Milo's request. 
Not exactly Jazz yet a singular creative achievement in music.


Jiří Stivín, flute, alto flute, recorders, crumhorns, renaissance ranket, transverse folk pipe, fuyara, ocarina, syrinx, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, voice, the Bressan baroque recorder
Pierre Favre, drums, gongs, crotals, bells, beans, water tom-toms
Pavel Kühn, vocals

Tajemný Výlet I / Mysterious Excursion I

A1. Promena První / Metamorphosis One                     06:51    
A2. Skalní Kone / Cliff Horses                             02:56
A3. Starý Pramen / Ancient Wellspring                     00:55    
A4. Zvuk Rosy / Sound Of Dew                             02:53    
A5. Kamínek / Pebble                                     00:44    
A6. Koreny / Roots                                     02:14    
A7. Sladké Drívko / Sweet Stick                     02:45    
A8. Znamení / Sign                                     00:31    
A9. Barvy Temnot / Colours Of Darkness                     02:38
Tajemný Výlet II / Mysterious Excursion II

B1. Myší Pohádka / The Mouse Tale                     00:45    
B2. Tanec Pod Zvonem / Dance Under The Bell             04:39    
B3. Nocní Lety / Nightly Flights                     02:04    
B4. Bludicka / Will-O'-The-Wisp                     02:31    
B5. Hadi A Štíri / Snakes And Scorpions                     01:18    
B6. Dech A Jeho Stíny / The Breath And Its Shadows      04:18    
B7. Promena Druhá / Metamorphosis Two                     08:12
Výlet Za Svetlem / Excursion In Search Of Light

C1. Jeskyne / The Cave                                     07:27    
C2. Závoj Hmoty / Veil Of Matter                     03:58    
C3. Vyjasnení / Enlightment                             10:35
Výlet Mezi Lidi / Excursion Among People

D1. Lidove / In Folk Style                             04:22    
D2. Povídal, Že Jim Hrál / So What, Said He And Played     06:43    
D3. Dosti Radosti / The Joys Are Over                     05:38    
D4. Skorápky Vodních Dutin / Water Cavity Shells     03:34    
D5. Promena Tretí / Metamorphosis Three             01:02    

Recorded November 1979 at concerts in the Theatre of Music, Reduta Hall and the Domovina Studio, Prague.

SUPRAPHON 1115 3381-82


onxidlib said...
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Barabbovich said...

I'm so glad to find a disk by Jiri Stivin. Not listening to him since the days of System Tandem. Thanks a lot for sharing this rare jewel

moha said...

I've ever loved Stivin! Thank You!

miloo2 said...

Thanks onxi - at last I can listen to it without constant boring sputter!

Михаил Лещенко said...

Thanks!!! I have this LP, but can`t find it in digital!

SOTISE said...

great session , just listened thank you!!!

vilstef said...

Not like anything I expected, but the oddments of ancient wind instruments did serve up some clues. I'd call it medieval fusion. Great stuff!

roberth said...

this looks like something i am going to love. thank you. thank u also for the burton greene with sunny and the urabe one of my favorite horn players

ps the combo of rs and zippy is working well

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Solomon said...

Thank you!

dogon ad said...

Thank you , thank you.

DW said...

onxidlib, I love music that expresses joy and this does. Thank you!!

Maciek said...

Thanks a lot for another great upload :)

Yosart said...

Thank You/Gracias!!!!

Jimi Hendrix said...

many thanks for this great material!! outstanding avant jazz! :B