27 December 2012

Paul Dunmall / Philip Gibbs / Keith Tippett / Pete Fairclough - Onosante (2000)

From Andy's Christmas gifts - out of stock title from Paul Dunmall's cd-r label extensive catalogue.

Paul Dunmall / Keith Tippett / Philip Gibbs / Pete Fairclough - Onosante (Duns 2000)

Paul Dunmall - tenor & soprano saxes, fife, bagpipes
Philip Gibbs - guitar
Keith Tippett - piano
Pete Fairclough - drums

1. Song And Dance And (07.11)
2. For Lost Souls (34.43)
3. Onosante (07.26)
4. Manosante (06.41)

Recorded on 15 November 2000 in the Victoria Rooms, Bristol.

Cover painting by Paul Dunmall.

DUNS Limited Edition 006


miloo2 said...

flac here

Bozo the Hobbitt said...

Very Beautiful Music. It was very nice for these to be offered to the community. Fairclough is critically under the radar screen, and Phil Gibbs has been adding a wonderful dimension to Mr.Dunmall's music since practically the origin of DUNS.

SOTISE said...

Marvelous,thanks Andy and Miloo , best for the new year to you both!!!

Vitko said...

Thanks Andy, this is a really great album, and a marvelous Christmas gift.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much !!!
Excellent album.


Anonymous said...

It seems that free downloading is no longer possible. At any rate, thank you for all the great music I've gotten in the past. I'm forever in your debt.
...Tom F.

glmlr said...

Thanks miloo2. Peter Fairclough appears in duet with Keith Tippett on two excellent CD's - "Wild Silk" from 1995 and "Imago" from 2001, both highly recommended.

Colin Green said...

Excellent - thanks very much. Any more DUNS items that are no longer available would be much appreciated.

Compliments of the season.

hideo said...

this rocks! (free download was still there though I couldn't use JDown to get it)

arigato, miloo2!

jeff said...

Any possibility of a reup of this. Would really love to hear it . Thanks

miloo2 said...

As file at uložto disappeared for some reason, please use this link for wav version provided by Andy:


jeff said...

Thanks Miloo2. Much appreciated!!!!

Justin said...

Could somebody reupload this record to Mega or Gamefront? Rapidshare's not allowing me to access the file.

Andy said...

New Mega link: