23 December 2012

JULiE TiPPETTS - Sunset Glow (1975)

Julie Tippetts - Sunset Glow (Utopia Records 1975)

01. Mind of A Child - 5.09
02 Ocean and Sky (and Questions Why?) - 5.15
03 Sunset Glow - 7.51
04 Now If You Remember - 1.55
05 Lilies - 5.43
06 Shifting Still (instrumental) - 4.21
07 What is Living - 2.28
08 Behind the Eyes (For a Friend, R.) - 5.12

Julie - voice, piano, acoustic guitar, clay drum, tambourine
Keith Tippett - piano, harmonium
Brian Godding - electric guitar
Mark Charig - cornet, tenor horn
Elton Dean - alto saxophone
Nick Evans - trombone
Louis Moholo - drums
Brian Belshaw - bass guitar
Harry Miller - double bass

Produced by George Chkiantz & Julie Tippetts with Giorgio Gomelsky

Recorded at Olympic Studios, London, 1975

CD Air Mail Archive AIRAC-1115 (Japan, 2005)

This gentle and delicate collection is one of a few Julie's works, incorporating both songcraft and jazz / free improvisation. For further exploration in this field, I would like to suggest her appearance on Carla Bley's Tropic Appetites (Watt 1974) and more recent Nostalgia 77 Sessions featuring Keith & Julie Tippett (Tru Thoughts 2oo9). Despite being reissued on cd by Blueprint (1999) and Disconforme (2ooo) labels, Sunset Glow remains unavailable for long years. I believe this album may be a good article for reissue specialists Esoteric Recordings, who is actually going to release first two Keith Tippett Group albums with their usual care about mastering and packaging.

Love, Peace & Joy



miloo2 said...

RS flac

djh said...

This has already reached its d/l limit, any chance of a re-up it looks fascinating!

miloo2 said...

djh - i believe there is no d/l limit from rapidshare side. i just checked it and it is going down well (even as parallel download on free account, which is new to me). at least here in central europe :-)

djh said...

Strange I get this message:

"File owner's public traffic exhausted."

As I understand it this is a recent problem with Rapidshare, I have a premium account with them as well, large frown...
Don't suppose you could put it up on another server? If not no biggie I was just really curious once I saw the line up.

Anonymous said...

I also see "File owner's public traffic exhausted." Recently I see this for every inconstant sol upload. I believe the uploader himself will not see this message, so he may not be aware that his D/L limit has been reached.

Wallofsound said...

There's a restriction on the number of DL per day on Rapidshare. You either need JDownloader and some patience or return the following day.

glmlr said...

Im not sure that's correct, WoS. I've returned every day to Sotise's Michael Smith "Totality" and never once been able to download it. "File owner's public traffic exhausted. (da3c7b74)"

miloo2 said...

Ok, i see the complication is real. I will send alternative link, but as my connection is slower, expect it in about 3 hours. Good luck with rapidshare until then and peaceful days anyway...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I had a very low mp3 rip of this. Rapidshare resets the downloads at 00.00 CET every night. I grabbed this at 00.02 last night. Get in quick!

miloo2 said...

So here is alternative link, flac again.

djh said...

Many Thanks for the extra effort Miloo2 I'm listening now.
Does the rapidshare really reset each day JazzUK? I only ask as I've learned this situation is causing havock over @ Mutantsounds (and doubtless all over the blog-O-sphere). This new rule came in just after I'd renewed my pro account again, which sorta feels redundant now.
Yow this music is warming up nicely! Thanks again & happy Xmas one and all.

Anonymous said...

@djh...Yes, Rapidshare resets at 00.00 CET everyday. In my case that's 23.00 GMT. As I say get it quick if you can because a very popular download's quota soon gets used up.

djh said...

@ JazzUK
Hi tried to comment earlier but it hasn't appeared yet. Thanks Miloo2 for the new link, works fine and the album is a blinder. Many Thanks one and all. Happy Holidays etc.

kinabalu said...

For free users, the download cap is 1 gb every 24 hours, for premium users the cap is 50 gb. As of writing (18:00 hours EMT), approx. 5 gb has been downloaded so far today, which comes to about 10 per cent of the cap. That applies to stuff I've posted, not to that of others, except some repostings of earlier postings of other blog members. So from my perspective, I don't foresee capacity being exhausted. It could also be that my postings are not particularly popular, who knows?

@glmlr: Alternative link coming up at the original Michael Smith posting. Special Xmas present just for you!

miloo2 said...

@kinabalu: thank you for explanation, i understand now what's going on. as i got only free account at rapidshare, 1 giga limit seems to be reached quickly with new posts especially. i learned now i can use CZ sharing place www.ulozto.net, as it has english version and works smoothly without restrictions.

glmlr said...

Santa is a Norwegian! Thank you K.

roberto t. said...

Many, many thanks to miloo2, the alternative link is fine. I didn't think I could get this. The problem is not about a single dl but one can find always the red light because of other dls. I had a paying account on rapid for years and now they want to force people. They started with an incredibly low speed, then this dirty trick. I'll never give them any more money!

sotise said...

A great one of J T as a Soul and Rn B diva , the last collaboration with Brian Auger can be found here ,

i have it on vinyl and over all its great despite some very weak moments...(the musical accompaniment simply isnt of the same calibre as her singing)

miss labeled as prog ... dont be put off by labels!

I'm with Roberto t... vis a vis Rapidshite , 2 years ago they deleted hundreds of files , when i stopped paying , im certainly not about to renew premium at this stage of the game ... certainly i have things i want to share , and i intend to when i've found a suitable file host... the only reason i ever used Rapidshare and Megaupload was the uploading software which made it easy!

mmf said...

I'm listening this wonderful music. Very expressive and beautiful voice. A rarity of the '70. A must have. Thanks for this !

Russtafarian said...

Thank you so much for this replacement for my (like myself) ancient and worn out original vinyl version.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Thank You SO MUCH!
This Record is a BULLS EYE indeed!
It's such an Interception of several varietys that's rare in its almost macro-scopic calibration!
GREAT Music from a Golden era of Creativity!


Chiquilicuatre y Zappa said...

please re-up

Miloš Latislav said...

new link at ulozto.net