10 June 2012

EVAN PARKER "ZANZOU" (jazz & NOW, 1982)

Here's included Evan Parker's first recording on solo tenor saxophone. His next attempt was thirteen years later on an  Okka Disk  release.


Evan Parker, soprano saxophone (1,3), tenor saxophone (2)

1. Live in Sendai     23:47
2. Live in Hadano     13:14
3. Live in Yokohama   09:46

Track 1 recorded 30th November 1982 at the Jazz & NOW, Sendai.
Track 2 recorded 10th December 1982 at the Strange Fruits, Hadano.
Track 3 recorded 7th December 1982 at the Ousanbashi Hall, Yokohama.

jazz & NOW 1

(lp rip)



onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

many thanks for this rarity, onxidlib!! i love the huge catalogue of his solo soprano albums.

lucky :)

JD said...

Many thanks for posting this rare Evan Parker's album!

1009 said...

Thanks so much! The Okka set is definitely worth picking up. I read somewhere that he started doing more tenor work because at some point in the 90s he finally got a horn that felt comfortable to him.

glmlr said...

Thanks. Is this a straight copy / rip of the LP? Or has some form of the dreaded “noise reduction” been applied? If so, can you tell us what it was?

reservatory said...

It's news to me. THANKS.

onxidlib said...

Hi glmlr and to all concerned/interested the LP was ripped straight!
No filtering at all (never!).
I've only removed some clicks and pops manually!
My rips are always treated as described above - I NEVER do any filtering!!!
I rip at 24bit and burn at 16bit with a slow rate.

If I have enough time I do remove also the more tiny clicks to an extend.
"Zanzou" was in a quite good condition - so only about 25-35 clicks were removed!

I NEVER do any filtering!!!!

Even when the LP/EP is in a totally worn out condition I refer from filtering - EVER!!

glmlr said...

Warmest thanks for the clarification, and for your integrity, Onx.

john said...

many thanks for this one, missing from my collection of solo EP. Nice to have both saxes on one album.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a rare record by a master. Thanks also for your careful transfer work.

slovenlyeric said...

Thanks. I agree with the earlier comment that those who enjoy this should seek out the Okka recording which I have long enjoyed.

After all the Evan Parker recordings I have heard, it is still marvelous to hear a new one like Zanzou!

Wally said...

Thank you onxidlib.
Didn't know it existed.
Can't wait to listen.
Cheers, Wally.

akaboshi14 said...

onxidlib, could you re-post this? Thank you again.

onxidlib said...


Javier Roz said...

Thanks for this re-post. Beautiful solo playing!

akaboshi14 said...

Thanks a lot!