15 June 2012


Erich Kleinschuster maybe isn't well know outside Austria and Germany but he's a musician who's played with many better known musicians.

From 1968 up to 1971/72 he made several studio recordings. Most of them were never released. And the two double CDs which were issued in 2005/07 in Austria only dissapeared soon after the release.

Among the featured guests were Dusko Goykovich, Clifford Jordan, Joe Henderson, Karin Krog, Charles Tolliver, Phil Woods, Slide Hampton, Art Farmer, Carmell Jones, Carl Drewo and John Surman...

Robert Politzer, trumpet, flugelhorn
Erich Kleinschuster, trombone
Hans Salomon, alto sax, tenor sax, bass clarinet
John Surman, soprano sax, baritone sax
Fritz Pauer, piano
Jimmy Woode, bass
Erich Bachträgl, drums

1. Imaginary Mirror (Kleinschuster)  09:14
2. Flash Point (Surman)              10:05
3. Waltz for G (Kleinschuster)       08:59
4. Mrs. Smith (Surman)               05:24
5. Beginning (Surman)                08:15
6. Blue Note (Surman)                07:44

Recorded June 13, 1969 at Austrophon Studio, Vienna (unreleased studio session).

NOTE: Most collectors list this as June 13 1968, with Rudolf Hansen on bass.
However, the correct details from a copy of the original session log in the possession of a collector,  gives the correct date and personnel as above.



onxidlib said...
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Quimsy said...

Outstanding - thank u

Wallofsound said...

Thank you.

glmlr said...

Rare indeed! Thank you Onx.

boogieman said...

Thanks onxidlib, a welcome addition to EK's discography. I always liked the double album he recorded for MPS. Very underrated musician outside of Austria and Germany.

boogieman said...

Needless to add that the music is superb! Fritz Pauer is one of the great unsung European pianists.The whole band cooks!

onxidlib said...

Hi Boogieman, I've never heard Kleinschuster's album on MPS.
But the music's really cooking. Great contributions from all - rarely heard Fritz Pauer in such an agitated mood.

sunbop said...

thanks looks great

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JD said...

Glad you reposted this one, too, onxi. A proper complement to your more recent Kleinschuster posts

Garu said...

Thank you for the re-up. Another stellar session and a nice complement to Surman's NDR Jazz Workshop April '69 also featuring Kleinschuster.

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