21 May 2012

Tim Berne's Snakeoil - Live in Bergamo '12

In my opinion, the best project led by Tim Berne in the last years.

Rec. live at "Auditorium di Piazza della Libertà", Bergamo,
Italy, on March 24, 2012 (mics recording)

Tim Berne,alto sax
Oscar Noriega,clarinet & bass clarinet
Matt Mitchell,piano
Ches Smith,percussion

1. Scanners [T.Berne] (29:06)
2. Not Sure [T.Berne] (22:37)
3. Spare Parts [T.Berne] (19:16)
4. Psalm (encore) [P.Motian] (05:30)

Total Time 1:16:31

Psalm (encore)


riccardo said...

mp3 (203 MB):
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wightdj said...

I agree, it is a fine band. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot love this group.

JC said...

Thanks. Oscar Noriega is amazing and the group is very cohesive.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, riccardo .

Eron Rauch said...

I saw the record release show for this in L.A. Easily one of the most dynamic & coherent shows (jazz or otherwise) I've seen in ages. The official disc is marvelous, but it's great to have a document of these talented improvisers working together in the highly sophisticated way that they have reached. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful music!

ravel said...


It's a very interesting project.
I doubted about its "live return", now I can make an idea...

LYM said...

Totally agree...the best Tim Berne project (and band) from a long time! Oscar Noriega is another stunning fine musician. Take a look at my "too much old" post here (sic)with Los Totopos that is at last the same band.