23 May 2012

Mike Westbrook Band - Live in London '11

On request.

Rec. live at "King Place", London, GB, on April 2, 2011
(radio broadcast)

Mike Westbrook
Kate Westbrook,voice
Karen Streeet/Chris Biscoe/Chris Caldwell/Andy Tweed,saxophones
Simon Pearson,drums

1. The Serpent Hit [M. & K. Westbrook] 27:33

The Serpent Hit (excerpt)


riccardo said...

mp3 (63 MB):
rapidshare | oron

flac (162 MB):
rapidshare | oron

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much!

magogiallo said...

riccardo A BIG THANK YOU to share this, and to answer to my request so fast

agmosk said...

Thank You, Riccardo!

bventure said...

I had this from Dime a while back. What is posted appears to be only part of one track, from :

01 - Through The Dark (5.27)
02 - Yellow Dog (11.12)
03 - The Serpent Hit (48.22)
...in 6 parts...
Throw >
Lob >
Hurl >
Pitch >
Trigger >
04 - Interview (7.37)

I'd be happy to make this available if someone makes the whole thing, but not sure how.

riccardo said...

@ bventure

BBC Radio 3 broadcasted the whole concert on April 25, 2011, this i've posted, is an excerpt the Italian Rai Radio Tre broadcasted the last April 30 for "The International Jazz Day".
To make the concert available, upload it on some site of files hosting (rapidshare,oron,etc) : would be much appreciated!

john said...

many thanks for this one; unusual and enjoyable, like much MW.

bventure said...

Here you go. The full BBC broadcast with the original Dime notes, FLAC, 348 MB


My first attempt to do this, so let me know if all is well

riccardo said...

@ bventure

thank you : all is ok.

bventure said...

Thanks for letting me know, hope you're enjoying it. As long as I know it works, I'll add the link to contributions in case it gets missed here.

Anonymous said...


Many thanks, much appreciated