2 March 2012


One of my first rips - the great Günter Christmann - Extraordinary!


Günter Christmann, trombone and double bass

also used : Plunger-mute (2,8), Wow-wow Mute (2,6),
Reed Pieces (2,6),Paper Cup (2,5),Plastic Cup (2,5,14),
Womb (10), balloon (5), baroque-trombone bell (5)

01. Alles theather 01:51 (tb)
02. carte blanche 03:11 (tb)
03. derdiedas 02:46 (b)
04. Druckluftschwankungen 02:05 (tb)
05. Palaver 03:43 (tb)
06. stress 01:25 (tb)
07. p-p-tit pizzicato 01:30 (b)
08. plunger 04:04 (tb)
09. titbit 02:23 (b)
10. nevertheless 02:12 (b)
11. arco-melodioso 02:20 (b)
12. shift 02:25 (b)
13. douche 01:40 (b)
14. posaunisch 06:25 (tb)
15. bb-bassbird 00:42 (b)

Recorded: 10th July (tb) and 24/25th September (b), 1976
Released as LP - CS-5 (private pressing) & RING Records 01032 (2nd edition)

(lp rip from Ring Records 01032)



onxidlib said...
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Andy said...

Thanks a lot onx. I hope you're doing good. :)

Nick said...

Yes!!! I love this album too, Onxi, and thanks for the rip. For anyone who wants more, get "We Play" with Detlef Schönenberg from the Destination Out FMP download store. "King Alcohol" with Rüdiger Carl leading the trio is an all time favourite FMP release and is slated as an upcoming download too.

matt w said...

Wow. Thanks.

onxidlib said...

here is a boot by Christmann-Schoenberg Duo/ 4 Oct 1976 Nachtmusik im Koln Germany> with Harald Boje, electronium.

onxidlib said...

Thanks for asking - yes I'm doing quite well - only much work here in real life ;)

...King Alcohol!!! - in general > Günter Christmann!

Nick said...

Thanks for the boot too, Onxi. I would be really grateful for a re-up of the duo with Barry Guy and for Riccardo's posts with Honsinger in Moers and the GUO in Imola. I accidentally deleted a portion of G-H from my music files.

onxidlib said...

I'll re-up the duo with Barry Guy soon.

wightdj said...

Great record. Someone borrowed my copy 30 years ago, never got it back. Thanks.

riccardo said...

@ Nick

New links for Honsinger in Moers '79
, GUO in Imola to come.

Nick said...

Hey, thanks Riccardo

Arcturus said...

thanks onxi

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...