7 February 2012

Francois Tusques - Le Musichien

Regular followers will probably know of my abiding love for L'Intercommunal. Over the last few years I've posted all four volumes of Intercommunal including the homage to Jo Maka. Last year I managed to locate "Apres la Maree Noire" which added two bombarde players from Bretagne and this year, I managed to find what must be vol. 6 from the early 80s. I don't think there were more Intercommunal coming after this one.

Here we have two long slabs, covering a full side each, not unlike African records of the time. Lay down a riff and a solid groove underneath, put some vocals and horns on top and keep the show going for as long as there is any breath left. On this, we have some of the crew from the early days, Catalan vocalist Carlos Andreu, the two bombarde players, regular jazz stalwarts Bernard Vitet and Jean-Jacques Avenel and Tusques and the rhythm section keeping things moving briskly along. Not a very uptight set, this one, definitely one for the Mediterranean and further south. Somehow the vibe got me thinking of Rascals' "Peaceful World" which also lasted a full side - a very mellow world at that.

Ze factoids:

Francois Tusques intercommunal free dance music orchestra
Edizione Corsica CP 33 135

A side

"Le Musichien"

Recorded at 28, rue Dinois 19 June 1981

Carlos Andreu - vocals
Ramadolf - trombone and bells
Yegba Likoba - soprano sax
Sylvain Kassap - tenor sax
Jean-Jacques Avenel - double bass
Kilikus - percussion
Francois Tusques - piano

B - side

"les Amis d'Afrique"

Recorded in Rennes 10 July 1982

Carlos Andreu - vocals
Bernard Vitet - trumpet
Sylvain Kassap - trombone
Daniele Dumas - soprano sax
Jean-Louis Le Vallegant - bombarde
Phillippe Le Strat - bombarde
Tanguy Le Dore - bass
Sam Ateba - congas
Kilikus - congas
Francois Tusques - piano

We just might have a little more Tusques coming up ...


kinabalu said...
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serviceton said...

I share your enthusiasm kinabalu
Looking forward to this one! Whilst it's still coming down the pipe, wanted to get in with an anticipatory Thanks !

kinabalu said...

I am quite sure that you will not be disappointed.

Piromas said...

Thanks to your posts I now love Tusques (I even managed to see him live last year, and it was great!). Thanks for posting more of his material!

Frédito said...

Merci Kinabalu !

Frédito said...

Les amis d'Afrique is fantastic ; Le musichien is even better. Joyous and inspiring singing, superbe ! Muchas gracias, merci, vielen danke amigo !

kinabalu said...

Good to see that these posts of old Tusques material may have contributed in a small way towards generating interest in his current work. Drawing attention to otherwise unheard music is one important reason for doing this blog in the first place. As many artsits are still active, they might in various ways benefit from it.

onxidlib said...

There's a new - excellent! - CD with Francois Tusques and Sonny Simmons "Near The Oasis".
You'll find it there > http://www.improvising-beings.com/#ib10

Thank you Kinabalu!

Nick said...

Thanks Kinabalu.

It is a fantastic series of albums and I feel very lucky to have heard them from here.

Arkadin said...

Saw it not so long on ebay and quite liked the soundclip but since I got outbid I'm grateful you posted it here - thanks a lot!

kinabalu said...

Yes, saw it there too and it ended up sky high. Fortunately, I managed to find it in an online record shop in France, but only after making half a dozen enquiries.

Igor said...

Excellent find, kinabalu. Thank you very much for sharing.

corvimax said...

with such a cover.... warm and sweet, many thanks kinabalu

g.raf said...

Beautiful music.
Many thanks for sharing this.

unitstructure said...

Thank you! I am enjoying this alot. The sound of the vocals and trombone in particular seem to mesh.

Hoochie Coochie man said...

WOW, great to find this from here, thank you very very much! :)

Mimi Soul said...

Merci beaucoup


kinabalu said...
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Omaha said...

Hello ! Please post on Mediafire ! Thanks

kinabalu said...

I avoid Mediafire. They provide a good service, but they have a nasty habit of deleting accounts and files without notice. RS is not working?

kinabalu said...

New link:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for those fantastic Tusques re-ups, kinabalu - and also for giving me a hint about!! :)

kinabalu said...

You're welcome! I have the first Piano Dazibao on lp (we have posted the second), but there was a cd reissue some years ago, so I'm not sure whether it's genuinely oop, just to follow our rules on that. Advice from fellow bloggers would be helpful.

Nick said...

It is listed as available at Futura


As is Michel Portal Alors!!!

rebf942 said...

Many thanks for the chance to hear some more Tusques.

DW said...

kinabalu, thanks!

Chiquilicuatre y Zappa said...

many thanks, wonderful the track Le Musichien ( with part in catalan ), o yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

brian said...