13 February 2012

ELTON DEAN "DUOS" (ED Tapes, 1988)

Here we have Andy's second rip of Elton Dean's ED Tapes.


Elton Dean, alto saxophone, saxello
Mark Hewins, guitar (1,7)
Keith Tippett, piano (3)
Marcio Mattos, bass (6)
Howard Riley, piano (5)
Paul Rogers, bass (2,4)

1. He Who Dares (ED/MH) 10:08
2. P.R. Department (ED/PR) 08:20
3. K.T. (ED/KT) 07:45
4. Small Strides (ED/PR) [Dean] 09:29
5. Oh Really? (ED/HR) 06:45
6. Riolity (ED/MM) 05:30
7. He Wins (ED/MH) 05:51

Recorded at H.O.W. Studios, London. (1988)

Note: Elton issued them himself only on cassette (ED Tapes).



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wightdj said...

Tasty, thanks onxidlib & Andy.

reservatory said...

Thanks again for these rarities.

serviceton said...

Andy / Onx - A tip of the hat and some hearty thanks for both volumes !

Anonymous said...

Thanks again!!

Cestui Que Vie said...

Top quality stuff from Elton & Co, far too good to be loitering on a dusty shelf.

Huge thanks to youse guys for putting these tapes out there.

slovenlyeric said...

Thank you. I am excited to hear these two recordings. Somehow I did not realize how great he was throughout the years. Recently, hearing the Ninesense re-issues and a few of his out-of print recordings has made it clear that was extremely consistent.

Wallofsound said...

Delighted with this second installment.

Owen said...

Cheers for this!

Note that tracks 1-3 & 6 would later appear on "Two's and Three's" (sic), a CD on the Voiceprint label.

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Hi, is it possible to reup please? Thanks!

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Thanks Andy!