31 December 2011

Globe Unity Orchestra - Live in Imola '78 [New Links]

The wilder and free side of the GUO...

Happy New Year to all bloggers though, what comes, promises
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Rec. live at "Rocca Sforzesca", Imola, Italy,
on July 15, 1978 (mics recording)

Alexander von Schlippenbach,piano
Günter Christmann,trombone
Paul Rutherford,trombone
Roswell Rudd,trombone
Gerd Dudek,tenor sax & soprano flute
Michel Pilz,clarinet,bass clarinet & flute
Evan Parker,soprano sax
Manfred Schoof,trumpet
Kenny Wheeler,trumpet
Enrico Rava,trumpet
Tristan Honsinger,cello
Buschi Niebergall,double-bass
Paul Lovens,percussion

1. G.Gaslini intro (01:05)
2. Improvisation (1:07:33)

Total Time 1:08:38
Improvisation (excerpt)


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