1 January 2012

A Call to all Charles Mingus Fans ( a propos the Documentary in the making- C.Mingus ,a True Jazz Legend by his Grandson Kevin Ellington Mingus)

Dear Friends , we the Administrators ,here at Inconstant Sol united in our admiration of and love for the music of Charles Mingus,a pivotal,indisputably central figure in the History of 20th Century music... have recently learned of a nascent Film project being put together at present by Kevin Ellington Mingus , the great man's grandson (Who incidently is an improvising bassist & composer in his own right) , and have agreed to support it in any way we can .
Kevin Mingus describes his main motivation for making this film as

"A grandson’s journey through the lore and legends of jazz history to find his grandfather, Charles Mingus."... read about it here on his website.

Through contact with his representatives, it has also come to our attention that those involved in this project are seeking unpublished concert footage and or any other possibly relevant archival materials .

We ask therefore ,that if you are in possession of anything that is unpublished and relevant you please consider making those archival materials available to the film makers.
You can contact the Project through Kevin Mingus's website , feel free also to contact us through the email address's in our blogger profiles so that we can pass on your details.

I cant stress enough that we believe this is an important project and urge all concerned parties ,to support it anyway they can .
I'd also like to declare that we will be promoting this project further upon completion and or release, and to add that we have absolutely no financial interest or stake of any kind in the project.

Thank you!



We are very happy to announce that we launched our fund-raising
campaign today (Wednesday, 9 Nov. 2011) for the project "Mingus on
Mingus". We have a big challenge ahead of us and we would like to
count on help. A successful campaign means we can move forward
with the project and capture moments that we might otherwise loose.
The making of the documentary will be a long road but having the
resources to begin our journey is all we can hope for.
We know it will not be possible without your help and we are all
at your disposal for any questions or feedback you may have.

Our goal is to raise $45,000 in 40 days. With your post in your blog, you will help us to reach out the community. Thank you!

Valeria Rios

The Kickstarter Page

--- Update ---

We have a few days left.
We need the help of everyone.
Every single Dollar counts.
We post new pledges on the campaign.
We do not have any support of the Mingus Estate. This is a completely independent project.

We definitively need much more support, we have to push push and push.

There are many enthusiast fans and players that we have yet to reach. With your help we can connect them to the project and motivate the onlookers to support it.

Valeria Rios.
orangethenblue . com

--- Update ---


I have received many inquiries concerning relationship between Mingus
on Mingus and Sue Mingus:
- Is Sue affiliated to the Mingus on Mingus project?
- Why is Sue not supporting the project?
- Why there is no information on the project on the Official Charles
Mingus Website and Facebook page?
- Why is Sue not listed as an interviewee?
To that end Kevin Ellington Mingus have written the following Open
Letter, here is the link http://orangethenblue.com/open-letter/

We have 10 days left and we've got some support from you, please, we
need to push harder and as you'll notice from the letter we are
working quite independently. Now more than ever we need to spread the
word to make this project real.

Thank you!!!

-------------------------- --- Update ---!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello bloggers,
I know Kevin wrote you an email, but I want to do it myself too as I
am the one who has been in touch with you from the beginning.
As you well know we are super-grateful for all the support we are
receiving from you, we made it public again in our last update of the
campaign yesterday. As you can read in an earlier update we are having
some good news for distribution!! many festivals seem to be interested
in showing the doc when is finished.... but FIRST WE NEED TO FINISH
IT! and for that we need the funds of Kickstarter.
WE ARE VERY VERY CLOSE, we have raised more than $33,000 and we just
So please!!! make an update, a very short note, anything in your blog
that everyone who did not pledge decides to do it. We really really
really need this last help.

You can take from the website or from our Kickstarter page anything
you want for the post (from the updates as well)
FYI: we have new pledges as some jazz clubs have donated some tickets
for their clubs and M.Weintrob has donate some of his photographs as
well to pledge.

Again thank you soooo much for your support, you are and will be
always present in this project!!!

A big hug,

Last 24 hours!! "Mingus on Mingus" can be real because of you.
Thanks to all the support we are receiving. We still need to make the
last sprint.
Help us by pledging to the project and spreading the word to everyone
around you.
Let's get on the Big Screen!

This is the link: http://kck.st/vCCn8N

All my best,
Valeria Rios



Marcus said...

"What is he doing?" [...] "Just stay cool. He's gonna do something."


I'm looking forward to this!

riccardo said...

A mail from K.E.Mingus :

"Hello Everybody,
I just wanted to thank you and everyone at inconstantsol for the
post. I remember taking trips to the record store as a child when I discovered my grandfather was a musician. I could not afford to buy the albums but seeing photos of the man there wrapped in plastic under the florescent lights filed next to a big "M" in the small jazz section of the chain store, made me smile. He did not fit in but he was there and for the moment it was clear he was family. Its so import to hear and share music that is untied to the commercial interest of speculated profit, thank you for maintaining such a great resource.

If you receive any hits in regards to material for the film please go under the assumption we don't have it and would consider trying to incorporate it (Valeria will follow up on that). It may be a fight to use the material, but I am looking forward to that!

A wish of good health.