1 November 2011


Another gem by N. - say thanks to him.
I haven't tracked the rip - it is partly not clear where one title ends and another starts...
Apart from removing some clicks I have left this very good solo recording by Maarten Altena as I got it.


Maarten Altena, double bass

Side A:

1. Tuning the bass (02:30)
2. Spaghetti (03:12)
3. The grater (01:15)
4. Tuning (00:18)
5. Derek, Wilbur and the blues (08:12)
6. Smoking the cigar (05:56)
7. Tuning (00:23)

Side B:

1. Ricordato (02:47)
2. Martinez (03:07)
3. CDL (02:13)
4. Handicaps III (06:15)
5. Macanudo (01:31)
6. The elephant II (02:28)

Recorded at Frascati, Amsterdam on 2 May 1975.
Sleeve design Marja Samsom.

ICP 019
(lp rip)




onxidlib said...


Anonymous said...

yee-haw, like the cowboys say! :)

you haven't told me about this one... never thought i'd come across it.

thanks a lot for this altena series, onxidlib.

p.s.: op stap. ;)

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Great, thanks for this.

candle_mambo said...


thank you so much!

Wallofsound said...


Arcturus said...

many thanks, o, for this rare gem

glmlr said...

Praise to the gods! This album has occupied, unchallenged, the No. 1 slot on my Wants List for well over 30 years.

Thank you, N and Onx.

Bender said...

Fabulous material. Thank you!

wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks.

Anonymous said...

looks like this album is among of Altena's best efforts and definitely extremely rare one...and it also looks like i only have to envy to those guys who grabbed this a year ago)) enjoy it! you lucky beggars!

br1tag said...

I'd like to have a new link to download this rare pearl. Thanks in advance.

onxidlib said...

Hi br1tag - no new link as it is available again - albeit only in a 52 CD box-set...

F:M said...

hey, chance to re-up?
Thank You!