31 October 2011

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky Octet - Live in Moers '79

Announced in the festival program as the E.L.Petrowsky Octet,
actually this group is the Ulrich Gumpert Workshop Band that
recorded two excellent albums for FMP (FMP 0600 - FMP 0710).
Perhaps, onxi may add some details.

Rec. live at the 8th Moers Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany,
on June 4, 1979 (mics recording)

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky,soprano & alto sax,flute
Manfred Hering,alto & tenor sax
Helmut Forsthoff,tenor sax
Heinz Becker,trumpet,flugelhorn
Conrad Bauer,trombone
Ulrich Gumpert,piano
Klaus Koch,bass
Günter Sommer,drums

1. Aus Baby's Wunderhorn/Hilferuf einer Schnecke [G.Sommer](21:19)
2. Hahnenkopf/Echos von Karolinenhof/Unknown [U.Gumpert](24:46)
3. Blau Blusen Blues [C.Bauer](09:14)

Total Time 1:01:20



riccardo said...

mp3 (135 MB)

flac (306 MB)

slovenlyeric said...

The good news is I believe that those same FMP discs are available now through Jazzwerkstadtt.

Thank you for posting this.

onxidlib said...

Thanks a lot, Riccardo!

FMP 0600 and FMP 0710 were re-released on Jazzwerkstatt JW070.

The double CD includes both former FMP LPs. All titles from the Moers recording are to be found on this reissue which I would like to recommend!
Maybe I can identify the unknown track later.

Again - this recording from Moers is very much appreciated!

Bozo the Clown said...

Thanks to all concerned, this should be awesome. One FMP lost in the shuffle is the early album "Just for Fun", one of the Clown's old faves. The East German scene was of tremendously high quality and expressiveness, those unfamiliar with it are in for a treat!

Anonymous said...

Great music. Only one problem, the correct name of the band is the Ulrich Gumpert Workshop Band.


Anonymous said...

Oops, I should have read the whole post! I jumped the gun on the name of the band. Ignore my last comment, please!


JC said...


James Manion said...

any chance of re-posting this?