30 November 2011

Jazz Workshop - Live in Cremona '77 [New Links]

Workshop: a magic word in the seventies.
This is the first concert (of a short series) held by this group
of musicians, few days later in Milan, they performed with the
addition of Lester Bowie and then in Modena with the addition of
Alexander von Schlippenbach.

Rec. live in Cremona, Italy, on September 6, 1977
(mics recording)

Enrico Rava,trumpet
Paul Rutherford/Danilo Terenzi,trombone
Steve Lacy/Evan Parker,soprano sax
Massimo Urbani,alto sax
Gaetano Liguori,piano
Kent Carter/Roberto Bellatalla,bass
Filippo Monico,drums
Tony Oxley,drums,electronics

01. Intro by G.Pellicciotti (01:38)
02. Workshop #1 (13:13)
03. Workshop #2 (09:52)
04. Workshop #3 (10:37)
05. Workshop #4 (07:37)
06. Workshop #5 (13:39)
07. Workshop #6 (07:43)
08. Workshop #7 (06:53)
09. Intro by G. Liguori (0:58)
10. Workshop #8 [inc.] (15:50)

Total Time 1:28:04

Workshop #7


glmlr said...

Thank you Riccardo! Seventies' Oxley is a must.

Anonymous said...

This already circulates, but judging from the sample, this is an upgrade - cool, thanks! I'll see if I can find the info with track list for this (had been worked out in detail in Steve Lacy-discographer-circles).

Unknown said...

Thanks Riccardo

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Bozo the Clown said...

Thank YOU! WOW,My nose is red!

SOTISE said...

thanks so much riccardo , amzing!

SOTISE said...

what a show this must have been, thanks for your efforts remastering , beautiful sound!.. for a 70's audience recording.. appreciated!

Anonymous said...

This looks fantastic! Can't wait for d/l to finish. I don't suppose there are recordings of the other concerts, are there? Would particularly love to hear the one with AvS.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

After listening the third time I say this is fantastic music and as Sotise already wrote an excellent audience recording.

Riccardo - thank you again!

wightdj said...

Nice upgrade, thanks.

Anonymous said...

wow, this looks pretty awesome, thanks

Zach said...

wow this looks pretty awesome, thanks

riccardo said...
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Formosa Coweater said...

Very late to this party. Any chance for a re-up? Thanks.

kinabalu said...

New links:



Formosa Coweater said...

Thank you for the quick response, Kinabalu. The new link is for John Tchicai with Strings, however. :)

kinabalu said...

Ah, true. My mistake. Try the second one instead.

kinabalu said...

Corrected link:


and tested this time.

Formosa Coweater said...

Great, thanks. By the way, as I just did a piece on Kent Carter, I am mentioning the website and link there. I'll remove them if anyone objects.

kinabalu said...

which can be found by clicking on the (nick)name of the poster above. Good piece, btw.

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