30 November 2011

Hugh Hopper-Lol Coxhill, Mad Axe Quartet-Bull and Gate-London , 3-9-1985, Aud

A slight change of pace .... (4..Andy and lucky)
here is an ecclectic typically canterbury style ,at times bucolic romp through the sublime and the ridiculous..
in the Form of the one and only performance ever by Mad axe, a band convened by the Late Hugh hopper ..

This sits stylistically somewhere between the frolicsome free floating RnB of Delivery , and the more complex less whimsical more intensely organic 'free' fusion of soft heap (another Hopper band, which Hewins was also in for a time...)

As great as the band is , the real interest for me is of course Lol Coxhills playing ,His distinctive trade mark slippery soprano, joyously romping and weaving insousciantly through every stylistic variation!..there are few things in this world more fulfilling and Beautiful!

from a purely technical standpoint Coxhill also registers,better than the others on these averagely, recorded but very listenable , highly entertaining 2 sets

recording is slightly reverberant and bright , but a whole lot better sounding than the later gen version thats been floating around on dime and elsewhere(as mp3's)

there are times when Hewins guitar tone sounds so much like an electric piano ,its uncanny .. that's mostly down to the sound quality of the acoustics of the room.

this must have been a Fun gig
Lol coxhill .. long may he Play !!!


Hugh Hopper, Mad Axe quartet

Bull and Gate-London , 3-9-1985
Hugh Hopper-e bass
Lol Coxhill-Soprano Sax, Voice
Mark Hewins-E Guitar
Dave Sheen-dr

2 sets , recieved in a trade ,

possibly from a first gen Master
or a good remaster of a Muddier version which was re-seeded on dime by someone(Lake Ogelton?)

Anyone wanting to hear more Coxhill, and Hopper together could do worse than checking out Hoppers 1984,which these days i think is reissued by Cuneiform... its superb.. one of the pieces played on this concert (miniluv.. is from that album)


SOTISE said...

Both sets in one File- FLAC


Anonymous said...

hands up - i'm with you, SOTISE.



Andy said...

Thank you. Some very soulful Lol here!

miloo2 said...

Oh, I missed that - is re-up possible?

yrrechnod said...

It would be great if you could repost it
thanks in advance

propylaen2001 said...

New link as requested but not the original file set: https://1fichier.com/?mtnuthlxng

correct silence said...

Thank Propylaen, a very welcome update and a must for all who have grown up with Soft Machine and the following Soft'

Miloš Latislav said...

Thank you Propylaen!

Unknown said...

Thanks Propylaen, but the link is not dead, due to innactivity. Could you please post it again?

propylaen2001 said...

Here is a new link: http://www.filefactory.com/file/5y9kpa8scd39/Hugh%20Hopper%201985-09-03%20London.rar