8 June 2011

Carla Bley Band - Live in Milan '80

"It doesn't matter what it is. I'm just a person who writes for what it is. It's written for jazz musicians. I don't consider myself a jazz musician at all. I'm not spontaneous. I take a lot of time thinking about everything and when I finally get an idea during a solo, the piece is over. So, I'm really slow. I'm not a jazz musician; I wish I were. I'm just writing for them, as opposed to writing for classical musicians, or as opposed to writing for cabaret or the other things you mentioned. Those are not the people I write for." Carla Bley

Rec. live at "Cineteatro Ciak", Milan, Italy, on November 3,
1980 (mics recording)

Carla Bley,conductor,organ,vocals
Steve Slagle,alto sax,clarinet,vocals
Gary Windo,tenor sax,vocals
Gary Valente,trombone,vocals
Earl McIntyre,bass trombone,vocals
Michael Mantler,trumpet,vocals
Joe Daley,tuba,vocals
Arturo O'Farrill,piano,vocals
Steve Swallow,electric bass,vocals

1. Can't Get My Motor To Start (03:26)
2. 8 1/2 (11:09)
3. Murder (05:08)
4. Copyright Royalties (08:00)
5. 440 (07:48)
6. Unknown (03:56)
7. Very Very Simple [inc.] (06:27)
8. Hot River (08:00)
9. Walking Batterriewoman (06:59)

Total Time 1:00:59

All compositions by C.Bley except 2 [N.Rota]

Very Very Simple (inc.)


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Thank you.

Phonemes said...

Thank you, this is great fun. I never heard this band of Carla Bley's. I am certainly going to check them out.

gidouille said...

This looks great, thanks. Interesting that she's even performing a couple tunes she wrote for Nick Mason's project.

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