11 June 2011

Alexander von Schlippenbach Quintet + RAI B.B. - Live in Rome '80

Tenth event/concert for the series "I Concerti di Un Certo Discorso".

The first seven songs (by J.R. Morton) were published by the FMP years ago (SAJ-31) and now sadly OOP, while the long suite in four movements and the encore are still unpublished (to my knowledge).

here the complete list of all concerts.

Rec. live at "Teatro Argentina", Rome, Italy, on May 31, 1980
(radio broadcast)

Alexander von Schlippenbach
Gerd Dudek,tenor & soprano sax,clarinet,flute
Bob Stewart,tuba;
Bruno Tommaso,bass
Paul Lovens,neworleansed drumset,drums
RAI Big Band :
Doriano Beltrame/Nino Culasso/Michele Lacerenza/
Cicci Santucci,trumpet
Gennaro Baldino/Giancarlo Becattini/Marco Pellacani/
Dino Piana,trombone
Beppe Carrieri/Sal Genovese/Baldo Maestri/Gianni Oddi/
Alfredo Santoloci,reeds

01. Black Bottom Stomp [J.R.Morton] (05:13)
02. New Orleans Blues [J.R.Morton] (07:36)
03. King Porter Stomp [J.R.Morton] (02:15)
04. The Pearls [J.R.Morton] (06:03)
05. Wolverine Blues [J.R.Morton] (04:42)
06. Mr. Jelly Lord [J.R.Morton] (02:51)
07. Dead Man Blues [J.R.Morton] (05:09)
08. Suite (part I) [A.von Schlippenbach] (11:37)
09. Suite (part II) [A.von Schlippenbach] (16:12)
10. Suite (part III) [A.von Schlippenbach] (05:37)
11. Suite (part IV) [A.von Schlippenbach] (11:30)
12. Black Bottom Stomp (encore) [J.R.Morton] (05:24)

Total Time 1:24:14

Black Bottom Stomp (encore)


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Riccardo - thank you.

Herr Schlippenbach is always much appreciated!

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Thank you, this looks great.

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-Otto- said...
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-Otto- said...

This looks like it's a great session with Herrn AvS. I totally overlooked this post from way back when. Any chance someone could offer a re-up of the lossless?

onxidlib said...

I have to find it....

-Otto- said...

Thanks for looking, onxidlib. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Hope you find it as well, thanks in advance

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How very nice of you. Very much appreciated, onxidlib!

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Many thanks for this re-up. Now, if anyone could come up with the FMP...

-Otto- said...

rebf942, are you talking about SAJ-31? The info is, for example, here:
Check the track listing. HTH. And we all can keep our fingers crossed that d:o will re-release this concert eventually.

amnesia said...

Many thanks for this. I'm going to a talk on "The Music of Jelly Roll Morton played by others" - somehow I don't think Alex will be on the playlist. I will bring his versions to the attention of the speaker.

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