27 July 2010

The Swallow Quartet - Live in Milan '09

Only an excerpt but, better than nothing...

Rec. live at"Teatro Ventaglio Smeraldo", Milan, Italy,
on September 20, 2009 (radio broadcast)

Steve Swallow,electric bass
Carla Bley,Hammond B3
Chris Cheek,tenor sax
Steve Cardenas,guitar

1. Track #1 (18:54)
2. Track #2 (05:11)
3. Track #3 (07:02)

Total Time 31:08


riccardo said...

mp3 (69,5 MB) :

flac (147 MB) :


Anonymous said...

looking like an older steve jobs....

Andrew said...

Riccardo, I think you must be a mind reader in posting this up. I had been looking forward for about a week or so to listening to a radio broadcast of Steve Swallow with his new Anglo-American quartet (featuring Mike Walker, Gwilym Simcock and Adam Nussbaum), which has been garnering good reviews here in Britain. However, I then forgot about it and missed the broadcast. So, I head over here to Inconstant Sol and the first name I see is Steve Swallow. What an apt coincidence! Thanks very much for the upload, very much looking forward to listening to it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this lovely radio excerpt, Riccardo! This will be a nice one to play along on the drum kit to: lightly swinging, with a relaxed feel, of course! -dandor

zeca74 said...

Terrific; thanks so much

Diego said...

Thanks for posting this! I was looking forward to have any kind of recording of this formation.
For those interested track # 2 is "Let's eat" wich appears in Swallow's album "Real Book" and #3 is "Bend Over Backward" from the album "Always Pack Your Uniform on Top" (sadly I couldn't recognize track #1). Both lead sheets are available at carla bley's label site.