26 July 2010

Karin Krog - Break of Day in Molde

Following Riccardo's veeery looong post, I thought it was time for a short one. The Molde international jazz festival just completed its 50th festival yesterday. Started in 1961, it was been running every year since then and despite the 50th anniversary strictly speaking being next year, this year's festival marked the actual anniversary. Early yesterday, a Break of Day in Molde concert at 7 in the morning had Artist in Residence Nils Petter Molvær waking up the crowd with electronic composer Geir Jenssen, also known as Biosphere, joining him on stage.

A fixture over the year has been Karin Krog. She appeared at the very first one back in 1961 and was of course back at this year's festival to perform the above song among many others. The inspiration for the tune was the very early morning mood after a long after hours jam session in a mountain cabin above town. The tune, Carla Bley's "Ida Lupino", has words added by Karin Krog to describe the fresh early morning vibe. The B-side is a straight blues, "Blues Eyes", with the presence of Ted Curson on trumpet in the near-all Scandinavian crew.

Above is the front and back of the single out on the Sonet label back in 1969. For many years it was only available in this format, though the recent re-release of "Joy" has these two tracks added to the original set. As a little bonus, I've added the Paul Bley version of "Ida Lupino" off his "Closer" album which has Steve Swallow and Barry Altschul on bass and drums, respectively.


Karin Krog, vocals
Ted Curson, trumpet
Elisabeth Sønstevold, harp
Bernt Egerbladh, organ
Arild Andersen, bass
Jon Christensen, drums


kinabalu said...


Flac only for this one ...

wildgrebe said...

many thanks wG

Anonymous said...

THANKS! Looks very interesting, love Karin Krog!

riccardo said...

Ted Cur(s)on?

kinabalu said...

Curson it is. I'll revise the post accordingly. Thanks for pointing that out, Riccardo.

Feq'wah said...

Thanks for this Karin Krog, i'm very fond of what i 've heard from her so far.
This one is new to me...so, thanks!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this short and surprising post.
simply astonishing:
christensen is 18y old.
andersen is 16y old.
carla has just written 'ida lupino' and it is already a standard.
amazing times...

Wallofsound said...

Really excited about this one.

It'll be my morning treat. Many, many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Never knew of this and it sounds brilliant. One of my fave Carla Bley tunes and I've a couple of faves Paul Bley with John Gilmore on Savoy and the majestic version of Bley alone on Open to Love

twgoble said...

re-up of this?