15 May 2010

WHO Trio WIST Graz, Austria 2010.03.12 Open Music

Michel Wintsch - piano
Baenz Oester - bass
Gerry Hemingway - drums

The trio of Michel Wintsch (Geneva, Switzerland), Baenz Oester (Berne, Switzerland) and Gerry Hemingway (New Jersey, US) began touring and recording together in 1998. All three players are very physical with their instruments and although the recordings are a good indication of what to expect, there is much more to look foward to when experiencing this trio in concert. Words though belie the sheer enjoyment this trio have brought and continue to bring to audiences worldwide.

chris church cardoid mics - preamp stc-9000 - edirol R09 - audition - flac

set1    42:31
set2    41:40
encore1    6:07
encore2    7:23


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