15 May 2010

Max Roach Quartet - Live in Milan '78

What can i add about Max ?

Rec. live at "Teatro Ciak", Milan, Italy, on May 4, 1978
(mics recording)

Billy Harper,tenor sax
Cecil Bridgewater,trumpet
Calvin Hill,bass
Max Roach,drums

01. It's Time [M.Roach] (11:28)
02. Call Of The Wild And Peaceful Heart [B.Harper] (10:53)
03. Mr. Hi Hat (Papa Jo) [M.Roach] (03:25)
04. Six Bits Blues [O.Cadena] (08:49)
05. Scott Free [C.Bridgewater] (14:06)
06. 'Round About Midnight [T.Monk] (05:26)
07. South Africa Goddam [M.Roach] (04:15)
08. Calvary [Traditional] (13:54)
09. Effi [S.Cowell] (12:04)
10. As Long As You're Living [M.Roach] (07:19)
11. Cherokee [R.Noble] (09:58)

Total Time 1:41:42


riccardo said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, man.

kinabalu said...

I'll MAXimize my enjoyment ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Another cracker.

trane said...

Terrific Riccardo!, thank you

Wallofsound said...

What a great band. Many thanks.

sasha said...

Thanks riccardo..One hellva session.

Igor said...

Thanks, riccardo.

riccardo said...

i've to apologize for having (accidentally) delete the comment of a reader from the west coast.
If he/she is so kind to repeat the comment, i'll publish immediately. Sorry again...

Arcturus said...

that was probably me riccardo - no problem

you had asked 'what's to add about Max?'

& I had said I'd say (heh! :)

that Max was on the cutting edge of the music in the 40's
& not that far from it when he died

that he formed a personal style that remained recognizable for half a century

that that is a remarkable achievement for any artist, no matter their field

that we rarely missed him when he played on the west coast - a long drive for us then up Highway 1 along the coast - at Keystone Korner - & sure ain't gonna miss this one now! thanks (yet again, over & over . . .)

bernizz said...

What a great session, wow !!! Thanks so much riccardo

yy said...

Thanks for sharing it.

Marco Bertoli said...

I cannot tell how much this means to me: I was there that very night, all of thirteen years old!

Many thanks, Marco

riccardo said...

@ Marco

Of course i was there too (taping),
but i was twenty-one years old!

JC said...

Thanks again. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for the following Max Roach radio broadcasts ...

Date: January 18, 1964
Location: Radio Bremen Großer Sendesaal, Bremen, Germany
Label: [radio broadcast]
Max Roach (ldr), Clifford Jordan (ts), Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson (p), Eddie Khan (b), Max Roach (d), Abbey Lincoln (v)

a. 01 The Highest Mountain - 17:53 (Clifford Jordan)
b. 02 [unknown title] - 7:05 (Composer Unknown)
c. 03 For Big Sid - 5:13 (Max Roach)
Yes To Jazz LP 12": 10042 — Max Roach Again! Vol. 2 (1985)
Blue Jazz CD: BJ 007 CD — Max Roach Quintet Live
d. 04 Jordu - 7:04 (Irving 'Duke' Jordan)
e. 05 Sophisticated Lady - 6:09 (Duke Ellington, Mitchell Parish, Irving Mills)
f. 07 Who Will Buy? - 2:38 (Lionel Bart)
Yes To Jazz LP 12": 10042 — Max Roach Again! Vol. 2 (1985)
Blue Jazz CD: BJ 007 CD — Max Roach Quintet Live
g. 08 Love For Sale - 3:58 (Cole Porter)
Yes To Jazz LP 12": 10042 — Max Roach Again! Vol. 2 (1985)
Blue Jazz CD: BJ 007 CD — Max Roach Quintet Live
h. 09 Lonesome Lover - 4:16 (Max Roach, Abbey Lincoln)
Clifford Jordan (ts) on a, e, h; Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson (p) on a-b, e-h; Eddie Khan (b) on a-b, d-h; Max Roach (d) on a, c-h; Abbey Lincoln (v) on f-h.

"Lonesome Lover" erroneously listed as "Long As You're Living" in some sources. "Who Will Buy" erroneously listed as "Who Will You Buy" in some sources.

Sometimes listed as from Paris, France. Date may be February 12, 1964. Further confirmation needed.

b. may be titled "Siciliana" (incorrectly listed as "Ceciliana") - confirmation needed.

Otis Foster said...

Cecil Bridgewater is an under-appreciated musician. Anything with him and Max has to be worth some close listening.

Thanks riccardo

riccardo said...

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