30 May 2010

Sunny Murray Trio - Live in Alassio '79

An extemporary trio, even if in those years, the collaboration between
the two Murray was rather frequent.
Maybe Wallofsound (the greatest living authority about D.Murray)
can give an help for naming the unknown tracks.

Rec. live in Alassio, Italy, on September 9, 1979
(mics recording)

David Murray,tenor sax
Wilbur Morris,bass
Sunny Murray,drums

1. German Dilemma (22:13)
2. Unknown (12:46)
3. Unknown (07:08)
4. Unknown (11:28)
5. Sweet Lovely (07:35)

Total Time 1:01:12


riccardo said...

mp3 (136 MB) :


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Сергей said...

Thanks, LYM! David Murray really incredible!

Arcturus said...

man o man - I'll never catch up!

thanks for burdening me w/ such horrible problems :)

alec said...

Many thanks, riccardo! As always, these recordings from your vault are beyond comparison!

trane said...

Yes many tahnks BOTH Murrays are great

Michael Campbell said...

Wonderful! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I concur with Arcturus

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, riccardo. I've listened through once and can't immediately spot the currently unknown tracks. It's always difficult to know with Murry because he likes to play the theme in an oblique way. To be honest I'm not that good at remembering the tune's title even when I recognise it. On top of that when David played with Sunny as leader, the band tended to play the drummer's compositions.

This is actually the earliest recording of Sweet Lovely from Murray that I know. Both that composition and Sunny's German Dilemma are also on the drummer's 1979 Live at Moers Festival, so I thought the set might have been similar, but at one listen through I can't hear anything in common with the other compositions (all Sunny's).

Still a thoroughly enjoyable concert. David's in great form and Wilbur Morris is relatively new to playing with David Murray after the latter left California. The two of them had played together in Tapscott's Ark band.

This seems to be the same night that M'Boom played the festival. What a day that must have been.

riccardo said...

Thanks Wall for the long and articulate reply, i still have to digitalize the Moers concert, which is around 70 minutes, while the official record is only 45/48.
Then we will be able to make a comparison.
Yes the same evening S.Murray Trio
and M'Boom Re Percussion : other times!

David said...

repost possible please? Thanks!

mew23 said...

Re-up (flac)

francisco santos said...


David said...

Thank you mew23!