28 May 2010

ROVA Saxophone Quartet - Live in Novara '09

After thirty years "the most exciting of the saxophone quartet"
is still active and in excellent form.

Rec. live at "Conservatorio Cantelli", Novara, Italy, on May 28,
2009 (radio broadcast)

Larry Ochs,tenor sax
Steve Adams,alto sax
Jon Raskin,baritone sax
Bruce Ackley,soprano sax

(first set only) :

1. Flower Power [J.Raskin] (05:37)
2. The Blocks [S.Adams] (06:01)
3. Graphic nr.38 [S.Adams] (07:35)
4. Juke Box Mambo [J.Raskin] (05:20)
5. Radar [ROVA] (06:01)
6. Juke Box Afro-Balkan [J.Raskin] (05:35)

Total Time 36:11


riccardo said...

mp3 (81 MB) :

flac (201 MB) :



Arcturus said...

& for anyone planning on being near SF next moth:

Saturday, June 12, 2010 12:00 AM
The Sax Cloud (Rova2)--Rova plus 12 innovative saxophonists
ODC Dance Commons, 351 Shotwell St. (between 17th and 18th streets), San Francisco, CA

In The Sax Cloud, the Rova Sax Quartet will be joined by 12 innovative saxophonists to create an enthralling listening experience not to be missed. Expanding on the complex and mesmerizing sonorities of the saxophone quartet, Rova members and composers, Jon Raskin and Steve Adams, will present new works for quadruple saxophone quartet—creating a spatial sonic event to explore the special possibilities, in space and sound, of this unique ensemble. To enhance the performance experience, you, the audience, will be at epicenter of the Sax Cloud, circled by the 16 saxophonists.

Joining the Rova quartet for this special event will be will be a stunning lineup of master horn players from the Bay Area and beyond, each chosen for their individual contributions to the saxophone’s musical language: Aram Shelton, Cory Wright, Daniel Plonsey, Frank Gratkowski, James Fei, Jayn Pettingill, John Ingle, Kasey Knudsen, Phillip Greenlief, Sheldon Brown, Vinny Golia and Aaron Bennett.

Arcturus said...

& yet again, riccardo - thanks

I picked up a copy of "the juke box suite" - dedicatd to Alan Lomax - a coupla years ago at a gig - fun stuff

from raskin's notes:

. . .composed with an idealized Juke Box in mind, where any kind of music might show up from any culture or time and be combined for the next "Play" . . . following styles and aestehtics as they rubbed up against each other in the mingling of cultures that was made possible by intrepid searchers of music. The "sides" aren't a direct borrowing but a weaving of the common threads that occur in all musics.

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