13 May 2010

New Jazz Meeting Baden Baden 1976 (MAINZ LIVE VERSION) 1976-November-00 Mainz, Kurfürstliches Schloss, 1976

I realized I have been here a long time and never posted anything. Here's something really good. All thanks and praise to the original seeder waaay back on DIME.
Enjoy! Bill

Mike Mantler,tp Albert Mangelsdorff,tb Roswell Rudd,tb Bob Stewart,tu
Gary Windo,ts Urs Leimgruber,ts,ss
Carla Bley,p Wolfgang Dauner,p,key,synthy Christy Doran,g
Hugh Hopper,b Bo Stief,b,e-b Aldo Romano,dr Edward Vesala dr,conga   

Announcements by Joachim Ernst Behrendt


1 Announcement 0:51
2 Stand Fast (GW,comp) 7:00
3 Announcement 0:32 4 Paddy (CD,comp,g,UL,ts,ss,BS,e-b,AR,dr) 10:36
5 Announcement 0:44
6 Movie (MM,comp,tp,CB,p,GW,ts,CD,g,HH,e-b,EV,dr) 11:38
7 Announcement 0:33   
8 Wrong Key, Donkey
(CB,comp,MM,tp,GW,ts,UL,ss,BT,tu,WD,p,CD,e-g,HH,b,AR,dr,EV,conga) 12:49
9 Song Sung Long
(CB,comp,AB,tb,MM,tp,GW;ts,UL,ss,CD,g,BS,e-b,AR,dr,BS,tu,RR,tb) /
Announcement 14:26

Total Time: 59:09   


10 Announcement 0:12
11 You Think You Know Me, But You Don’t Know Me (dedicated to MongeziFeza)
(MF,comp,GW,con) 7:59
12 Announcement 1:51   
13 Sometimes I Fell Like A Motherless Child (BS,tu,RR,tb,WD,p,BS,b,AR,dr) 14:34
14 Announcement 0:59
15 Toto (AB,tb,EV,dr) 7:46
15 0:36
16 I Love That Cannot Speak Its Name (WD,comp,p,synthy,BS,e-b,EV,dr) /
Applause / Announcement 9:58
17 Andiri (UL,comp) 12:24   
18 Announcement 1:08 19 Maine, Light In Power
(RR,comp,tb,AM,tb,BT,tu,WD,p,synthy,EV,dr) 8:33   

Total Time: 66:00

linage: fm > tape > cdr in trade > flac > dime

Sound Rating: A-


upkerry14 said...

Links coming asap. Patience! Bill

kinabalu said...

Someone who waits for something good will not wait in vain ...

Сергей said...

Oh my God! Please, give me a patience to wait these links:))) My love to Carla Bley will never ends...

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alessandro said...

The title of cd2 track 11 is wrong: the correct title is "You Ain't Gonna Know Me, 'Cause You Think You Know Me", as you can see in almost all albums including that wonderful composition, which is also, together with Standfast, the only (as far as I know) released track from those live recordings of the Baden-Baden Workshop Band. It was released by Cuneiform in 1996 on Gary Windo's "His Master's Bones", now out of print (http://cuneiformrecords.com/bandshtml/windo.html). According to such cd's liner notes, the date is 1976-November-25th.

Arcturus said...

this looks like a fun little excursion - thanx for posting it, Bill

alessandro said...

Found some more minor mistakes in the tracklist.
The following version should be ok:

New Jazz Meeting Baden Baden,
Mainz, Kurfürstliches Schloss, 25 November 1976

Das New Jazz Meeting Orchestra:
Mike Mantler, trumpet
Albert Mangelsdorff, Roswell Rudd, trombones
Bob Stewart, tuba
Urs Leimgruber, tenor (a4) & soprano saxes
Gary Windo, tenor sax
Carla Bley, piano
Wolfgang Dauner, piano, keyboards, synthy
Christy Doran, electric guitar
Hugh Hopper, bass guitar
Bo Stief, double bass & bass guitar
Aldo Romano, drums
Edward Vesala, drums & conga

Announcements by Joachim-Ernst Berendt


1. announcement 0:51
2. Standfast (Windo; perf. by Das New Jazz Meeting Orchestra) 7:00
3. announcement 0:32
4. Paddy (Doran; performed by Leimgruber, Doran, Stief, Romano) 10:36
5. announcement 0:44
6. Movie Music (Mantler; perf. by Mantler, Windo, Bley, Doran, Hopper, Vesala) 11:38
7. announcement 0:33
8. Wrong Key Donkey (Bley; perf. by Mantler, Stewart, Windo, Leimgruber, Dauner, Doran, Hopper, Romano, Vesala) 12:49
9. Song Sung Long (Bley; perf. by Mantler, Mangelsdorff, Rudd, Stewart, Windo, Leimgruber, Bley, Doran, Stief, Romano) / announcement 14:26

Total Time: 59:09


10. announcement 0:12
11. You Ain't Gonna Know Me, 'Cause You Think You Know Me (Mongezi Feza, arr. Windo; perf. by Das New Jazz Meeting Orchestra) 7:59
12. announcement 1:51
13. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (trad.; perf. by Rudd, Stewart, Dauner, Stief, Romano) 14:34
14. announcement 0:59
15. Toto (Mangelsdorff-Vesala duet) 7:46
16. announcement 0:36
17. A Love that Cannot Speak Its Name (Dauner; perf. by Mangelsdorff, Dauner, Stief, Vesala) / applause / announcement 9:58
18. Andiri (Leimgruber; perf. by Das New Jazz Meeting Orchestra) 12:24
19. announcement 1:08
20. Central Maine Light & Power (a.k.a. Maine / Message from Maine) (Rudd; perf. by Mangelsdorff, Rudd, Dauner, Stewart, Vesala) 8:33

Total Time: 66:00

linage: fm > tape > cdr in trade > flac > dime
Sound Rating: A-

For better sounding versions of tracks 2 & 11 taken from those same recordings, look for Gary Windo's "His Master's Bones" (Cuneiform, 1996).

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m_kydonieus said...

Thanks for posting the Baden Baden Free Jazz Concerts (1968, 1971, and 1976). Unfortunately, all the links are dead or no longer work correctly. Would it be possible to revive them, especially the 1968 and 1971 stuff? (Whine, grovel....)

Wonderful stuff on this blog, by the way.

francisco santos said...

another that needs to be alive...Big Thx !.....

onxidlib said...

Hi francisco santos - BB'76 is still working. Go to http://inconstantsol.blogspot.de/2014/04/baden-baden-new-jazz-meeting-1976.html
There you'll find the complete event.