13 May 2010

Mal Waldron & Geri Allen - Live in Vicenza '02

Other two incomparable pianists finding a point of contact in Monk's music.

Rec. live at "Teatro Olimpico", Vicenza, Italy, on May 25, 2002
(radio broadcast)

Mal Waldron,piano (left ch.)
Geri Allen,piano (right ch.)

1. Let's Call This (13:22)
2. 'Round Midnight (07:40)
3. Geri Solo (05:11)
4. Mal Solo (06:59)
5. Epistrophy (10:28)
6. Misterioso (09:41)

Total Time 53:23


riccardo said...

mp3 (118 MB) :


flac (238 MB) :



upkerry14 said...

is there a chance we could mention that the show is from DIME (if it is in fact from DIME)?

Wallofsound said...

Many thanks.

kinabalu said...

I saw GA about a year ago, with a tap dancer (!) ...

riccardo said...

@ upkerry

"the show" was broadcasted live by
our RAI RADIO3 during the last evening of the 7th Vicenza Jazz Festival (Saturday, May 25, 2002) :
1st set : Ernst Reijseger "Round About Monk"
2nd set : Susanne Abbuehl "April"
3rd set : Mal Waldron-Geri Allen Duo

This is my editing of that recording.

jackalope said...

re:"Mal Waldron & Geri Allen - Live in Vicenza '02"

Beautiful. And the audio quality is pretty fine too. Thank you for posting this gem.

Brad Geiger said...

Wow, can't wait to hear these 2 giants on the same stage. Thanks!

JC said...

Thanks a lot! Glad to find where this one originated.

Teemu Mäki said...

Thanks a lot!

I have endless appetite for Mal Waldron – and Geri Allen is wonderful too. And this is a piano duet that really works (because they are listening to each other so carefully and leave room for each other).

Teemu Mäki

Pithecanthropus Nellie said...

Holy Mackerel! Didn't know this happened! Seeing these three names together made my eyes pop! Thanks to all responsible for revealing and sharing this one.

duck said...

Two piano sets have always bothered me. as a piano player i feel there is a strange tension and possibility of tuning being an issue. That said i will listen with interest as these two play together. Always thanks

Lexman said...

The RS links for the flac version are offline, any chance for making this available again?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

Anonymous said...

Please re-up if possible. Love the live Mal Waldron. - John

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Brush&Stick said...

Thank you!