5 March 2010

Revolutionary Ensemble - Live in Genoa '05

This is a "special" post for two reasons : it's n°600 from the beginning
of I.S. and, most of all, this is the recording that documents the last live
performance of the legendary Revolutionary Ensemble.
Exactly six months after the Warsaw performance documented by the
Mutable Music's record "Beyond the Boundary of Time", the Three were
invited to Genoa for a single concert : here is the report of that historical
evening. In the folders you'll find also some photos taken at the concert.

Rec. live at "Teatro Gustavo Modena", Genoa, Italy,
on November 25, 2005 (mix recording)

Leroy Jenkins,violin
Norris Jones "Sirone",bass
Jerome Cooper,drums,keyboards,ballaphone,wood flute

1. Value Forfillment [Sirone] (11:20)
2. Configuration [Sirone] (06:54)
3. Pick [J.Cooper] (16:14)
4. Rumi Tales [L.Jenkins] (06:57)
5. Berlin Erfarhung [Sirone] (06:36)
6. Usami [L.Jenkins] (06:51)
7. Improvisation [Revolutionary Ensemble] (05:11)

Total Time 1:00:04


riccardo said...

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Anonymous said...

really looking forward to this. thanks so much

Anonymous said...

I've gotten so much stellar music from this blog. And great discussion about the music. merci bien!

freebones said...

riccardo does it again!

wonderful share, friend!

also, at the mention of leroy jenkins, i think you should check out this hysterical video:


John W. said...

thanks for a relatively short period of time this was the most creative group in jazz in my opinon of course never had the good fortune to see them play live so im looking forward to this set .., so thanks once again

roberto t. said...

Wonderful, thank you!

mario said...

Grazie Riccardo. An excellent concert

Anonymous said...

Quite amazing - thank you!!

Frédito el philistin said...

Riccardo, grazie mille. I just received recently the Mutable Music album you mention, and enjoyed it a lot as I did with every album of the Ensemble I have played. I'm really looking forward to hear your document.
I had the good fortune of seeing the trio live, around the end of 2005 I believe (or very early in 2006) at the festival Sons d'hiver near Paris.
Take care

Frédito el philistin said...

A correction on my first message : the concert I saw was on the fifth of february, 2005.

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks for this. Absolutely superb!

Frédito el philistin said...

Yes, superb indeed. Grazie mille again, Riccardo. I was not familiar with "Rumi tales" so it has a particular fascination to me, among an already fascinating program as a whole.

Take care

Arcturus said...

apparently blogger didn't like my speechless comment of:

! ! ! ! !

when you 1st posted this - I've finally had the chance to d/l & listen - this is a really, really great concert, riccardo - thank you so much for putting this up!

both the sound & performances are outstanding

a rarity beyond belief

Arcturus said...


"Configuration" is Sirone's composition - it's been recorded several times

riccardo said...

@ Arcturus

yes, of course you're right about

ouscaphil said...

This one made me say 'WOAH' out loud. Thanks as always.

Andy I said...

Beautiful! I'm loving this. Thanks very much