16 January 2010

Cecil Taylor and Tony Oxley - Live in Prato '04

A classic Duo : one of the longer-lasting working relationship in
all Taylor's career, this performance (very well recorded) comes
from "Ilario" collection.

Rec. live at "Teatro Metastasio", Prato (Florence), Italy
on February 23, 2004 (mix recording)

Cecil Taylor,piano
Tony Oxley,percussions

1. Improvisation #1 (1:01:03)
2. Improvisation #2 (04:55)
3. Improvisation #3 (06:19)
4. Improvisation #4 (24:26)
5. Improvisation #5 (01:57)

Total Time 1:38:41


riccardo said...

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Stefano said...

I produced the concert :-) Taylor wished to do a cd of it, but he and Tony asked too much money... Really too much.

maready said...

Thank you very much! Tony Oxley always wears great clothes when he plays with Mr. Taylor! What an incredible duo they are.

I have very fond, though disturbing memories of seeing them play in New York in 1991. It was the second night of the "First" Gulf War and there was a huge snowstorm. I was in a terrible mood because of what my country was up to, and it was difficult to get there because of the weather ... but I made it in time to a small club to see Mr. Taylor and Mr. Oxley (alongside William Hooker) play a beautiful and furious set. Besides myself, there were only two others present in the tiny room, the famous Mr. and Mrs. Stone, who were undoubtedly there for every set of the engagement.

I have seen Cecil Taylor many times, but that particular night, seated just a few feet from the piano, was very special --- I remember the music literally lifting me up. I went down to Washington the next week to protest the war with tens of thousands of others, but what I remember is Cecil Taylor's undeclared, but understood, moral riposte to human stupidity through his exemplary example of craft, inspiration and poetry. It was the first time in my life that I really understood how creative music could be a force for good (even though the audience was the same size as the group!)

Thanks again for this concert.

Anonymous said...

Thank you...marvelous show.

wightdj said...

Thanks for this welcomed addition to my Cecil & Tony collection. They click!

Michael Campbell said...

This should be brilliant! Thank you!

trane said...

Thanks a lot Riccardo.
I have a question for both you and Ilario: when you say mics or mix recording do you mean sounboard recording?

riccardo said...

@ trane

mics = microphones
mix = soundboard (mixer)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have to wait until rapidShare will allow me to downloard--on weekends they frequently say their servers are too full for free users--but thank you nonetheless.


hulaboy said...

Mahalo, riccardo!

tentaclesoferpmind said...

any chance of a re-up?