27 November 2009

Paul Rutherford & Barry Guy - Live in Milan '79

Two founder members of the famous improvising group "Iskra 1903",
here without the third member (Derek Bailey) : "Iskra 1902" ?
Great music from the Seventies.

Rec. live at "Cineteatro Anteo", Milan, Italy, on November 22, 1979
(mix recording)

Paul Rutherford,trombone
Barry Guy,bass

1. Track #1 (25:00)
2. Track #2 (15:04)
3. Track #3 (09:10)
4. Track #4 (12:14)

Total Time 1:01:28


riccardo said...

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Mona said...

Thank you so much for this one...

÷—__—__— said...

What a great duo!
One after another your posts are more and more interesting, what other surprises will come?
Many, many thanks!

wightdj said...

Nice to have this set, thanks!

Anonymous said...

sounds like there's some electronics in the mix...

Anonymous said...

A vivid reminder of just how unique a player Paul Rutherford was. RIP. He is missed.

Anonymous said...

great concert from a great duo
italy in the 70's was THE place!!!
RIP paul and long live Barry
don't stop...i'm here

downlowsoul said...

You are the deepest musical resource around. Many thanks for this incredible post--loving this duo and anything to do with Barry Guy.
ISKRA 1903 Chapter One has been in my ears for years. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a link.

pasquale said...

I discovered Your blog few days ago, and I'm still shocked for the quality & amount of the posts: many thanks!

matt w said...

Great, great stuff. There's definitely electronics in there (in fact, I think the first and last tracks are solo with electronics). The version of ISKRA 1903 that was active at this time, with Philipp Wachsmann, apparently used a lot of electronics (heard on ISKRA 1903 Chapter 2, which I think is in print from EMANEM). Even Chapter One, the set from the early 1970s, has electronics from Rutherford and Guy on some tracks if I remember correctly.

Again, thanks for all the music.

1009 said...

Thanks much. Anything Iskra-ish makes me happy.

marten512 said...

Record reviews had led me to believe that Mr Rutherford was 'hard work' so I had previously kept my distance. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. This is GOOD stuff. Many thanks for posting this.

Andy said...

I'm so impressed with your recordings. Thank you for this one.

Colin Green said...

Another one that it would be great to have again