25 November 2009

Anthony Braxton - Live in Milan '79

In January '79 Mr. Braxton played for a week at "Teatro Ciak" in Milan,
this is the recording of the second evening, while Leo Records has yet
published the third and the fourth evening : "Solo ( Milano ) 1979 Vol.
1 & 2". At the end of the concert, with a couple of friends, we made an
"interview" with Mr. Braxton, who was very helpful and kind with us.
I've added the "interview" as last track (low bitrate), thinking that could
be of some interest for someone.

Rec. live at "Teatro Ciak", Milan, Italy, On January 16, 1979
(mics recording)

Anthony Braxton,alto saxophone

01. Composition 999A (08:00)
02. Composition 999B (06:10)
03. Composition 999C (06:13)
04. Composition 999D (06:08)
05. Composition 999E (17:57)
06. Impressions (05:05)
07. Composition 77F (04:14)
08. Composition 999F (06:34)
09. Composition 999G (02:17)
10. Interview (34:24)

Total Time 1:37:06


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for that gem!!!

Someone could post those area's bootleg that few year ago were here


kiss mosa

trane said...

Thanks again Riccardo

The Haunter said...

Yes, I will listen to this at the end of the evening while I write.

alec said...

Thank you! The interview piece was very appreciated as well.

Afoforo said...

another gem from your endless archives
thank you very much

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Thank you!