19 November 2009

Archie Shepp & Roswell Rudd Quartet feat. Amiri Baraka - Live in Rome '04

The first reunion (after more than 30 years apart) between the two
avant-garde Giants took place at New York's Jazz Standard in 2000.
From that date, in the course of the years, the reunion became more
regular with frequent tours.
From the 2004 tour, here is the recording of the Roman concert.
Not only for nostalgics.

Rec. live at "Auditorium Parco della Musica", Rome, Italy,
on November 17, 2004 (radio broadcast)

Archie Shepp,tenor saxophone,vocals,piano
Roswell Rudd,trombone
Reggie Workman,bass
Andrew Cyrille,drums
Amiri Baraka,poetry

1. Keep Your Heart Right [R.Rudd] (09:40)
2. Archie's Intro (0:30)
3. Acute Motelitis [R.Rudd] (10:21)
4. Steam [A.Shepp] (08:38)
5. U-Jamaa [A.Shepp] (12:42)
6. Roswell Annonunces Amiri Baraka (0:38)
7. We Are The Blues [A.Baraka] (06:59)
8. Un Poco Loco [B.Powell] (06:54)

Total Time 56:27


riccardo said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Awesome lineup. I'm really looking forward to hear this. Thank you.

bmaiani said...

WOW! This is SO FINE. Shepp and Rudd together always is, but with Cyrille and Workman TOO?! Thank you very much.

Geoff said...

Wonderful stuff, thank you very much

sasha said...

I'm intriuged to hear this but to be honest I aint holding my breath..Heard some Rudd with Lacy from around this period and to put it bluntly he aint the player he was..No shame there though..How many players who cut the mustard in the 60's can we say are still pulling up trees in the new century? I kinda feel much the same bout Archie who in his dapper suit seems to be part-parody part-real thing but perhaps not new-thing (as he once was!)..Anyways 3 members of the original 'Four For Trane' band is quite a catch for any concert so I download with due respect for old grizzled warriors if not excatly expecting any new insights here.

Arcturus said...

very sweet, once again, riccardo - thanx!

Arnon Gilboa said...

Beautiful stuff. Two of my favorite shows at the last Chicago JazzFest were the Archie Shepp Quartet & William Parker's “The Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield” feat. Amiri Baraka.

ben hadd said...

How do I download this?

Anonymous said...

Bevore it boths, Shepp & Roswell performed in nyc at "The Jazz Standard" (it was released ion a Verve CD) what means that it is not, as mentioned, the first reunion but maybe the 2nd one? :-)

Thanks a lot for it!

Anonymous said...

Oh i did not read/understand it correctly you are on right Mr....Again Thanks for it!

mew23 said...