17 November 2009

Anthony Davis Quintet “Episteme” - Live in Botticino '09

During the end of the seventies and the early eighties A.Davis
was a usual presence on the scene of the avant-gard jazz : in
those years he was a member of The Leo Smith Ens., The
George Lewis Ens., The Leroy Jenkins Trio, co-leaded a
quartet with James Newton and his own Ens. Episteme.
From the half of the eighties he devoted his activity into
modern classical music, becoming an internationally known
composer of operatic, symphonic, choral, and chamber works.
Here you can listen to the world premiere of his new Episteme
Ensemble performing some new compositions and the old
(first rec. 1976) "Of Blues And Dreams". The encore (for trio)
is a wonderful version of Monk's Evidence to demonstrate how
still strong are his roots in jazz music. Great Concert.

Rec. live at "Crosscurrent", Botticino (Brescia), Italy,
on October 30, 2009 - World Premiere (radio broadcast)

Anthony Davis,piano
J.D. Parran,clarinet & bass clarinet
Mark Feldman,violin
Lisle Ellis,bass
Gerry Hemingway,drums,marimba & vibraphone

1. Of Blues And Dreams [A.Davis] (16:52)
2. Sudden Death [A.Davis] (19:09)
3. Loss [A.Davis] (21:55)
4. The Dream Of The Spider [A.Davis & D.Prieto] (14:02)
5. Evidence [T.Monk] (07:55)

Total Time 1:19:56


NickS said...

I downloaded and have been listening to the mp3. I'm going back and get the flac and make a disc. This is a keeper for sure. Thanks very much.

I think I need to check into Leslie Ellis further also.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks for sharing, riccardo.

zebtron said...

huge fan of AD, haven't seen anything by him in a long time
thanks for the great post

lsettal said...

Actually the fourth composition of the program is The dream of the spider, composed by Davis & Prieto for his new opera about the schools of music during the cuban revolution

riccardo said...

@ Isettal

many thanks for the suggestion :
i've corrected the list, now you all have to correct title and tag in the folder.

Zipangu said...

Waaooh ! Thanx a lot for this amazing concert. I don't have any news about Anthony Davis for a long time. What a pleasure to listen him on stage again with these incredible cats around !

Neroon001 said...

If I had a particular stressful day at work back in the 80's Anthony Davis album Episteme would make onto my turntable.Still have the album but thanks to a certain creep I no longer have my turntable.So I am looking forward to hearing this show,always wondered how he would sound live,thanks very much for sharing this concert

Hookfinger said...

What a fantastic piece of music! thank you very much!

Andy said...

Great sound. I'm enjoying this. Thanks

SOTISE said...


jeff said...

Wow!!! Link still active. Can't wait to hear this. Thanks