8 July 2009

Theo Jorgensmann & John Carter - Live in Moers '79

After Bill Dixon another rather underrated Master :
John Carter, here together a young Theo
Jorgensmann (German clarinetist).
This concert was part of the morning projects at the
8th Moers Festival.

Rec. live at the 8th Moers Festival, Moers,
Germany, on June 4th, 1979
(mics recording)

Theo Jorgensmann,clarinet
John Carter,clarinet

1. Jorgensmann & Carter Duo #1 (01:44)
2. Jorgensmann Solo #1 (04:12)
3. Jorgensmann Solo #2 (06:44)
4. Carter Solo #1 (06:41)
5. Carter Solo #2 (06:13)
6. Carter Solo #3 (06:50)
7. Carter Solo #4 (07:31)
8. Carter Solo #5 (09:36)
9. Jorgensmann & Carter Duo #2 (06:20)

Total Time 55:56


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Clarinet heaven, thanks!

Wallofsound said...

Carter's a real favourite. Thanks for sharing.

Hamish said...

a bunch of creativity!

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absolutely thrilled you have posted this riccardo. You have made my month.

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Thanks for posting this -- great stuff.

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I got the recording from a friend;

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Amazing, my favourite is the last duo, thanks.

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