19 March 2009

Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet, Vision Festival NY 10-June-2008

Baby's dress [Ezio Minetti]

Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet
Recorded 10th June 2008 at 13th Annual Vision Festival
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, New York City

Broadcasted 10th Nov 2008

Taylor Ho Bynum cornet

Mary Halvorson guitar

Evan O'Reilly guitar

Jessica Pavone violin and bass guitar

Matt Bauder tenor saxophone and bass clarinet

Thomas Fujiwara drums


01 Radio Intro & Taylor Ho Bynum interview 06.49

02 JP & the Boston Suburbs Parts 1 & 2 12.31

03 Woods 20.14

04 whYeXpliCitieS 13.02

In my opinion one of the most intriguing proposal of the last years: new open composing technique, wide open ears and great interplay. This is a possible way of playin contemporary jazz with freshness and good ideas.

In the Taylor Ho Bynum website You can also find some images, a discography and other useful informations. In the website of the Firehouse12 Music Audio Bar, in Brooklin , the Ho Bynum own discographycal label, other interesting infos and a preview of an almost new and possible way of living in the music business today without givin' up to the artistical and intellectual belief.




With this unofficial concert I began the association of music and visual arts; following this way the suggestions of Follyfortoseewhat whom here I greatly thanks for his kindness and enthusiastic disposability


LYM said...

Here the links:
Taylor Ho Bynum - (2008) Vision Festival 2008. - (boot) [FLAC]




Does someone would write the Taylor Ho Bynum interview?
Thanks in advance.

Enjoy the music!!!

zebtron said...

this looks great LYM, thanks for posting

1009 said...

Thanks, LYM. I've really enjoyed Bynum's other sextet record, as well as the duo w/ Fujiwara. And anything with Mary Halvorson is worth hearing, says I.

Not sure what you mean about the interview, though. Is that part of the broadcast? (I haven't listened yet.)

wightdj said...

Great band, thanks.

crocojazz said...


thanks a lot for this post. I am looking forward to listening to the concert... I've just got the hatart cd by this sextet and it is really great.



kike hurtado said...

Thank you LYM for sharing this one, it looks very interesting and sounds terrific!

best, Kike.

luomosa said...

Hallo LYM for me this one is completly new, I have never heard about, I am really curious! Thanks a lot for share

LYM said...
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LYM said...

Thanks to all for the appreciation!

@1009 and anyone interested.
Yes the first track is a THB short interview. I'd like to post that interview here and eventually translate itin my own language since English is not the one, so if there's someone else interested a little help would be greatly appreciated!

to my ears this group is a very very fine one as all the THB records I've heard (just a little till now). Even Mary Halvorson’s first trio cd [Dragon's Head - Firehouse12] is a joy to hear!
Here on IncSol there is a marvellous concert recorded in Rome 2008 of the Anthony Braxton DCWT with Bynum and Halvorson: astonishing music and interplay! In my opinion one of the best Braxton by years! Listen to the Victoriaville concert too by the same ensemble.

In the same days I've discovered and listened to another fine and very excityng musician named Darren Johnston. Until a few days ago it was totally unknown but it deserved great attention and repeated listening, Unluckily no unofficial or radio broadcasting to my knowledge. Anyway two listen marvellosus records I know are: Johnston, Ochs, Frith, Hoff, Smith - (2007) Reasons for Moving [Not Two] and Darren Johnston - (2007) The Edge of the Forest [Clean Feed].
Here the link to his website: [http://www.darrenjohnstonmusic.com/]


Scott said...

Excited to hear this one, thanks for sharing!

I recently had Taylor Ho Bynum/Tomas Fujiwara Duo as a guest on my radio show. mp3s are available for d/l via this page: http://lovegloom.wordpress.com/2009/04/01/wfmus-beware-of-the-blog-taylor-ho-bynumtomas-fujiwara-duo-live-at-wfmu/

maready said...

Thank you very much for this offering, and a belated thank-you for the many things I have borrowed from your blog, from its past and present members, over the last year. I hope this belated acknowledgement will (begin) to redress my karmic debt.

I am amazed at what Braxton and his students have been doing in the new millenium, and am pretty much down with anything involving Taylor Ho Bynum, Jessica Pavone and Mary Halvorson. What an opportune moment for the Mosaic Arista Braxton set to come out at last --- for I believe that this decade will be looked on by posterity as fully the equal of Braxton's PREVIOUS great decade, the seventies. Really, he has not been on a roll like this for some time now.

Regarding this particular performance: the Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet is one of the finest group of improvising composers on the planet at the moment, and this live performance is wilder, looser, yet even more premeditated than the studio CDs on which some of the material first appeared. Thank you very much for continuing to document The Music.

bongomccongo said...

many thanks. I'm a fan of these musicians. as was said - any thing with Mary Halvorson is worth a listen, and that goes for Taylor too.anyway thanks for your efforts.

Rob said...

Having trouble downloading part3: MF says that file name is invalid. Can this be corrected? Can't wait to hear this great group. Thanks. Rob